Great point, Brent! That's also where AFPOE can be helpful. Responses which come off like "because...
Wendy Dorchester
Hire for culture, train for skill! Love this. Jared, you have always emulated great culture in every...
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Peter Schuh

Peter Schuh

Online scheduling, prospect nurturing and much more available at

Posted by on in Apartment Leasing
 So Zillow finally took Postlets for that long-overdue stroll behind the barn. Not that Postlets didn't have it coming. The last round of changes gut nearly all of its interesting features, including the listing feed URL and multi-page listing portfolios. But, hey, a little ceremony and heads-up would've been nice. Is there anywhere to send flowers? Make a donation? And what about the tens of thousands of lost, bereaved Postlets' users? Before you do anything else, get your Postlets gallery link up and running again. Zillow should have emailed you this notice: "Important News: Postlets Is Now Zillow Rental Manager". Find it. Follow the link and create a new password. Your old Postlets gallery link goes to one of various Zillow dead-end pages until you do this. Now here's the rest of what we have pieced together. All Postlets galleries are gone forever. Once you've created that new password with Zillow Rentals Manager, your old Postlets gallery redirects to your new Zillow profile page, which includes a list of your on-market listings. We think that Zillow profile page is your new gallery, such as it is. The links from your on-the-market listings lead to plain vanilla Zillow listing pages. (UPDATE :: If you need any assistance here during the transition, reach out to Zillow at zillowrentalmanager.zendesk.) All traces of the old Postlets are six feet under. Anything you don't see in Zillow Rentals Manager (such as syndication outside of Zillow Rental Network) might well be gone. (UPDATE :: Zillow says: "Syndication to the...
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Posted by on in Apartment Marketing
But does anyone really care? Well, if you’re using Postlets, and you haven’t taken the time to dig into what these changes mean for you, then you had better keep reading. For starters, I have to admit I was wrong. I thought for sure (and even tweeted several months back) that Zillow was going to take Postlets for a stroll back behind the barn. But Zillow bought Postlets a dress and lipstick instead. And she sure does look much prettier. But there are some not-so-pretty aspects to this makeover. Hardest hit was the Postlets feed URL. It's just gone. Did you have a site or service that relied upon Postlets' feed URL to pull listings from your Postlets' account? Well, you don’t have one any more. And there appears to be no replacement for this feature in sight. There are significant changes to other parts of Postlets. And these changes could end up in some unintended outcomes. Here’s three quick tips to get you up to speed. First, for rentals, consider adding the street address into your rental description for each listing. Postlets now hides the street number for any rental in its system. so "1301 Second Avenue” becomes “Second Avenue“. I really have no good explanation as to why. Confusing and frustrating prospective renters doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s best interest. And there’s no way to turn this address masking off. Hence the recommendation above. (UPDATE: This is fixed. Thank you, Postlets!!) Second, if you are using a Postlets gallery, make...

Posted by on in Apartment Marketing
It's been a busy week fielding a torrent of inquiries regarding the changes to Craigslist. Yes, these annoying Craigslist changes are hear to stay. Yes, tracking is dead. No, there is not one weird trick that will get your html back onto Craigslist. But there are things that can be done. This is my second list of options. You’ll find the first list here. Here’s the very first thing to do. Email Craig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Yes, seriously. Do it.  Don’t whine at him about lost HTML, or lost tracking, or flagging or ghosting. Yell at him about the lost hyperlinks. And use exclamation points. And call him a demeaning name or two for this single act. But nothing profane. Craig — or someone over there at Better-Than-Thou Central — reads emails at this account. Everything else Craigslist has done can be argued on some sort of merit (regardless of the opinions each of us has). Allowing no hyperlinks is wrong-headed. It is as painful to renters as it is to all of us. And it’s nothing less than an affront on the Internet itself. Tell Craig you’ll take everything else. But we need links back in some form. Perhaps as a separate field. Perhaps registered like handguns. Or regulated like pseudoephed. Somehow. And if you have time to read the reminder of this post, then you have time to write that email to Craig. Second. Decorate your links. Renters want links. And we see many of them copying and pasting them...

Posted by on in Apartment Marketing
Did you see it? The change rolled through Florida all of last week. And it hit Texas on Friday. Today, all of the sudden, it went nation-wide. Dubbed Hurricane Craig, this change is a seismic shift in Craigslist's posting policy throughout North America. Many of the most commonly-used HTML tags in Craigslist have now been disallowed. This includes images, tables, most text markup, and anything but the most bare-bones of links. Practically every Craigslist template ever written can now be put through the shredder. If you are posting to Craigslist, what does this mean for you? You have to upload your photos using the much-lampooned Craigslist photo gallery. Pro tip: when selecting photos to upload, use the Control key (Command key on the Mac) to select all the photos you want to upload in one go. Readability just became much more important. Your template and over-sized photos will no longer carry the day. Renters are now going to have to face down page after page of mind-numbing text. So structure yours for an easy and quick read, with the most important items first. Details are going to matter more. With all that slick and pretty in the bucket end of the shredder, including details like laundry on-site, dishwasher, and two blocks from Starbucks will help to carry the day. A clear call to action is now a force-multipler. Again, the inspired and inspiring templates with sweeping views of the property are gone. So how do you distinguish your post, your company...
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