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Terri Euchner

Terri Euchner

Terri Euchner has not set their biography yet

Posted by on in Property Management
MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR SUCCESS   Management of people can really be a tricky thing.  No matter how long you have been managing, the tips below can help to assist you in becoming a good leader or help refresh your management styles.   1.       Be Enthusiastic The best way to succeed as a manager is to be upbeat and enthusiastic.  You may not have everyone on board and agree with you, you may not know the answer to everything they ask, but if you are highly positive and let them know, together you will find a solution to any problem that arises, you will be fine.  The best thing about being upbeat and enthusiastic is that is infectious, no one wants to have a negative person leading them.  Motivation is key to a successful business, not in the old fashioned “punish if you don’t do well” way, but with praise and challenging them. Hopefully they will rise to the challenge and perform well for you.  2.  Trust Great managers do not get where they are using certain business techniques or by making themselves busy, it is because team members work well for people they can trust.  They like managers to show competence and be concerned for them. Your team members will work well when they feel their opinions are heard, if they know what is required from them and that they know that decisions are made with them in mind.  3.   Listen Team members are motivated when their managers listen to them....

Posted by on in Property Management
“12-Step Program” for the Multifamily Housing Industry 1. Streamline Business Practices. This is an opportune time to review your business procedures for effectiveness. Consider areas that can be combined into one or structured differently to reduce costs. Think about sharing resources, like administrative or payroll work, with other team members to reduce overhead. The goal is to streamline operation, so you can still provide a quality product or service, yet realize a greater profit by reducing the expenses to produce it. 2. Work Smarter. As a successful company, you know you have to work smart to maximize business potential. But are you using the latest advances in technology to their potential? Look at all areas of business operation where you can cut waste or work faster and better by investing in automation software, new equipment, or web based applications. 3. Customer Appreciation. Remember that your customers are going through a tough time, too. In order to retain their business, implement measures to express your appreciation. This could be a one-time price reduction, a customer commitment card, or a different kind of referral incentive. Whatever the strategy may be, it should be something of value to the customer and within your marketing budget. 4. Evaluate Marketing Tactics. If you are conducting marketing activities that cannot be measured for effectiveness, then it’s time to evaluate your approach. It is essential, regardless of the business, to conduct marketing efforts that show measured results. For example, if you run an ad in a newspaper without...

Posted by on in Property Management
I am issuing three main challenges to all of you today, I call it “GAB.”  We can all impact our business in a big way by focusing more time and attention on these three concepts:  Growth-The primary measure of our success is our ability to consistently grow our profits.  Many opportunities exist today and most of these are with our current residents and clients.  These customers want us to deliver quality and value for their rental dollars, and continue to build, acquire, and keep clean, manicured quality communities.  We must listen to our customers, understand their needs and wants, and provide more of the service they desire.  As we do this, we will discover the vehicles that provide growth beyond today’s base business.  This growth will in turn provide personal growth opportunities for all team members.  This growth helps lead us to our goal:  To be a leading player in our marketplace. Accountability-One concern in our business today is a lack of accountability.  Our business is not complicated.  Job duties and responsibilities are well defined.  What is missing is consistent follow-up and measurement against expectations. As team members, we must expect more accountability and ownership from each other, throughout our business.  Going forward we will all be accountable.  Better Business-Finally, we need to find business models that result in a more efficient business.  The good thing about this is that there are many great ideas already out there! Start looking at successful companies outside of property management in order to be...

Posted by on in Property Management
I started in Property Management thinking it would just be “employment to pay the bills until I found a real job.”  Twenty eight years later, I owned a property management company and then became a consultant, trainer and speaker.   If you look on the Web for a definition of property management, this is what you will find:  The range of functions concerned with looking after buildings, including collection of rents, payment of outgoings, maintenance including repair, provision of services, insurance and supervision of staff employed for services, together with negotiations with residents or prospective residents. The extent of and responsibility for management between landlord and resident depend on terms of the lease(s). The landlord may delegate some or all of these functions to managing agents.  However, it is so much more!   There are many reasons property management might be the right career for you too.  To start, if you are a people person, like sales and customer service, you will use these skills in this industry.  You also have the opportunity of working in an office and outdoors.  No cubicle jungle here!   I started in leasing and found that I really had a knack for helping people.  I was able to draw out of them things that would help me, help them find the right home.  When they rented, moved in and continued their stay, I found it very rewarding.   As a manager I learned that leadership is doing the right thing and management is doing things...
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Posted by on in Property Management
One of my friends and industry partners here in Phoenix asked me to speak about achieving excellence in sales relationships at one of the monthly vendor meetings.  It seemed that since we had fallen on tough times, many were feeling abandoned by their customers and it seemed no loyalty existed any longer.  I put together 12 reminders not lose sight of during the good times or the bad times. 1)      Good salespeople bring positive energy to a relationship.  We can choose to be energy givers or energy takers. 2)      Trust hinges on the willingness to deliver on promises.  Once trust is lost, relationships cannot survive. 3)      A relationships value depends on the customer’s perception of value, not on the salesperson’s definition of value. 4)      To the customer, the top value drivers are integrity, authenticity and consistency. 5)      Effective relationship builders are willing to listen to better understand customer challenges. They ask questions that lead to consultative conversations, which open doors to greater opportunities. 6)      The salesperson’s courage to resolve the difficult situations customers face enhances relationships. This is the ability to put oneself in harm’s way. 7)      The quality of the relationship with the customer is determined by the quality of the relationship between the sales manager and the salesperson.  Sales managers exemplify a company’s corporate culture. 8)      Relationships are enhanced by the salesperson’s ability to communicate in compelling and creative ways.  One sales leader told me how she uses video email prior to a customer visit and follows up with...

Posted by on in Property Management
“Life is like a grindstone--whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you're made of.” Unknown   Wouldn’t it be great if we could just click our heels together three times and repeat “There’s no place like 2006, there’s no place like 2006, there’s no place like 2006….    So here we are still sitting in the Dark Forest waiting for the Yellow Brick Road to find us.  One expert says “we will not see recovery until 2014”, another says “the local real estate slump is over” are we going to just stay here and hope the poppies keep us asleep until then?!  No!  We need to look for ways to get out of the Dark Forest, out from under the poppies spell and back to the Yellow Brick Road! Smart marketers and businesses know a thing or two: They know that even in a down economy there’s always opportunity. They know that economies go in cycles. Good times will be back, even if they’re different. They know that those who market aggressively are the ones who will be there when the good times roll again. They know that winning means thinking creatively, borrowing ideas from other industries and focusing on customers and prospects. They don’t cut their marketing budgets. In fact they increase them and market even more aggressively. Maintaining a Positive Attitude – Let’s start with maintaining a positive attitude for everyone on your team! Be a realist, but keep your chin up!  Even when things look their worst,...

Posted by on in Property Management
Well, here we are almost to the end of the first quarter of 2011.  Many of you made your usual New Year resolutions and two weeks into it, found that it was not at all what it was cracked up to be.  This is most likely because we make idealistic goals for ourselves.  Resolutions should be sensible and attainable, with reach.  So let’s look at where we are now and make adjustments before we move into the second quarter: ·         Be realistic by setting achievable goals.  Winning the lottery, for example, is out of your grasp!   ·         Stop trying to be perfect.  Nobody is perfect, so stop trying so hard. Begin the New Year by allowing yourself the luxury of imperfection.  Perfection is the worst enemy of success. Consider completion to be your goal - not perfection.   ·         Describe your resolutions in specific terms. Instead of "I want to be more active," opt for "I will walk every night after dinner" or "I will cut down on watching television.”   ·         Break down large goals into smaller ones. For instance, commit to losing weight by resolving to join a gym and improve your eating habits.   ·         Find alternatives to a behavior that you want to change, and make this part of your resolution plan. So you want to quit smoking, but you smoked to relax yourself? What other forms of relaxation are available to you?   ·         Write down your resolutions and set action plans to keep you...