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Is your team aligned?

Can you tell if your team is aligned?

Just because you have formed a team that does not mean that they are highly capable of working together to produce stellar results.

Your team is giving you cues. Learn what the indicators are that you need to be cognisant of. 


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Are you a bully? And don't even know it?

Bullying in the workplace happens more often than you think. Bullying can be subtly masked, but still be as damaging as more obvious examples.

During this very candid, personal talk you will learn to how to spot some of the behaviors & common techniques of a workplace bully.

If you are wondering if your behavior is bullying, ask yourself how would others view what’s happening. If most people would see a specific behavior as unreasonable, it's time to change that behavior.


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Is what you are saying hurting sales and leasing?

After listening to thousands of sales pitches, I can't tell you how many times I lost interest because of what the sales rep said. As an executive I feel bad because I know that the rep is doing what they have been taught to sell their product or service.

I think that too often the sales presentation and marketing slicks are created from the company perspective and not the audience.
So ask yourself, is what you are saying hurting your sales?

Join me to learn how you can immediately improve your sales. 

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5 ways to build your dream team.

It is as common to find a dysfunctional team as it is a functional team in a company. Which do you have?

Everyone always says "hire the smartest people", but there is more to building a highly effective team than hiring the smartest people. 

There is a recipe to building teams.  This LIVE gives you 5 ways to build your dream team.

Developing an organizational structure and 'dream team' is the foundation for success is a knack of mine.

Need a little innovation and people-centric solutions?  



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Negotiations can by sexy! Get the compensation you deserve.

Negotiating your compensation is so important to your career and confidence.


Do you ask for what your worth? If you do not negotiate you are leaving money on the table.

Do you ask for more PTO or holidays? If not, why not?


Ladies, historically you negotiate better for the company's behalf. But tend not to ask for what you deserve. We need to change that.

There is an art to negotiating. Join me to learn what you can do to better position yourself to get what you deserve.


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Is it time to quit your job?

Do you love your job?

Are you ignoring signs that are telling you it is time to move on? I know that it may seem better to stay put and keep dragging yourself out of bed to go to work-it really isn't. Trust me.

So, let's talk about the "signs", making a decision and how to take the next steps. Join me today for a very candid talk. This may be exactly what you need to hear!

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It's hard to get a gauge on your culture when your company comprises mostly people pleasers.

When you are in a people business - you tend to hire people people. People who naturally want to help others can very well be people pleasers. How do you get people pleasers to tell you what they really think when they want to keep the peace? It is vital to a company's success to understand how their team members really feel about the company. If your team is afraid to speak up, you will not get honest feedback.

In this session you will learn why team members don't share openly and what you can do as a leader to promote an environment where your employees feel safe. If you would like to learn more please contact me or visit MariaPietroforte.com.



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The customer service paradigm is broken. Why you need to put your people first.

Too many leaders and companies preoccupied with the future results that their team members "feel like a number". Continuing down that path is inherently damaging to employee motivation and your bottom line.It is not too late to develop an employee-first company culture! Identifying and owning what is broken, clears the path to putting your people first.

Learn why internal customer service needs to be a priority and the consequences.

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Is excellence your enemy? 4 things a leader must do.

Push, push, push...there is a constant push for excellence. It can feel like a hamster running in the wheel. As a leader it is vital that we pause, shake it off and get a solid footing before moving on.

Have you forgotten how important it is to include the basics in your daily routine? If you do these 4 things you will see a spark in your team that makes them unstoppable!

Tune in to hear what 4 things you can do to activate your team's engagement.

I love helping a team become (more) excellent and their leader exceptional. My holistic approach promotes teamwork, celebrates success and equips participants to excel. Let's do this - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Is excellence your enemy? What do your customers & residents think?

People often skip over the basics to achieve a notion of "excellence" that is rarely clearly defined. Think about it, how can you achieve excellence if your basics are not in place???

Master the basics first, if you are not excellent at the basics then excellence will be your enemy. Learn the fundamentals that must be in place to achieve excellence.


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