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How you can you make the leasing process one that builds trust and value?

My apologies to my blog followers. I haven’t been consistent in sharing these weekly updates for The Leasing Show.  Here are 4 weeks worth of shows for you to dig into.  Really appreciate you listening.  Episode 23 – What is mutual mystification? In this episode I talk about the importance of eliminating mutual mystification. Stop making assumptions that everyone thinks the same way.     Episode 24 – Getting a No is OK You should be on a mission to build credibility and trust. What better way than to make sure the customer knows it's OK to say no.   Episode 25 – Time is a Critical Agreement As I highlighted in episode 24, we're here to build credibility and trust. If you are not discussing time with a customer than you are putting the relationship at risk.   Episode 26 – Stop Spilling Your Candy in the Lobby Shout out to Tim Roberts @TrustPointe for introducing me to this concept. It seems so obvious, but new technology and old school sales training has us spilling all our candy. Have a question for the show? #LeasingShow on Twitter or message me online somewhere.   Episode 27 – What does expensive mean to you? It's important to understand what expensive means to you because you must understand that it's nowhere near the same for everyone else. If you have a question or topic idea for the #LeasingShow tweet @theaptnerd or message me online somewhere.   Episode 28 – Are you ready to ask questions? I'......
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How Do I Stop Sharing Price Too Early with a Prospect?

This week I discuss how to deal with people like me, developing trust, why you shouldn’t share price too early, how to take control on the phone, and what to do with people that need to “think about it.”

Episode 18 – Dealing with Dominant Personalities

A dominant behavior style can be challenging to deal with sometimes. Today I share some ideas to help you deal with people like me. :)


Episode 19 – Developing Trust

No one likes to be sold. You must build trust with your prospects. I share some ideas on building trust in today's episode.


Episode 20 – Sharing Price Too Early

Price is an important factor, but you need to figure out the motivations of the customer before your share your price.


Episode 21 – Taking Control on the Phone

If you've ever found yourself just answering the customer's questions, then this episode is for you.


Episode 22 – Handling Excuses

Before you let them walk out the door, drill down on that excuse they just gave you. I share some ideas on this today.


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How easy is it for the customer to find you?

Discovery is one of the 5 Marketing Principles at J.C. Hart. Whether it’s your location, signage, or placement on Google, it’s all important to understand how people discover you.

In this week’s show I briefly discuss the importance of claiming your business pages online.

Music Credit – Ryan Little – http://www.soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle

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What Do We Do With All Those Missed Leads?

This week I discuss what to do with missed calls, how to leverage social proof, sending a Yikes! message, asking more questions, and why explaining how the process works is critical to closing.

Episode 13 – Missed Leads

Today's question: What do we do with all those missed opportunities?

Most data shows that a leasing office misses more than 50% of phone calls. We discuss some ideas to capture those missed opportunities.


Episode 14 – Social Proof

Today's question: How do you typically describe a feature or benefit?

For most people, using social proof is critical in your communications when leasing.


Episode 15 – Yikes! Getting the no.

Today's Question: What do you do when that prospect goes silent?

In this episode, we discuss when it's time to get a no or reactivate a prospect that seems lost.


Episode 16 – Reversing

Today's question: Should I really answer a question with a question?

More examples for why asking a question after a question can help you in the leasing process.


Episode 17 – What Happens Next?

Today's question: What happens next?

Don't be an old school closer. Set your UFCs and you don't have to close.


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Testing The Strength of Your Prospect's Decision

This week I share the last of the 6 Leasing Principles, give you some email advice, allow you to fail, have you take a look in the mirror, and talk some more about UFCs.

Episode 8 – Testing the Strength

Episode 9 – Responding to Email Leads

Episode 10 – Permission

Episode 11 – Dealing With Personalities

Episode 12 – Thinking About It

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Courtesy Is About the Referrals and Renewals

The Marketing Principle, Courtesy, really revolves around the question whether or not someone will refer your community. It starts with reviews, and in this show I talk about my key note presentation for #FOCUSConf2018, and why your online reputation is a big part of referrals. Thank you to the Satisfacts and ApartmentRatings.com team for inviting me to speak.

Music Credit – Ryan Little – http://www.soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle

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Leasing Show Weekly Recap: DISC Assessments, Up-Front Contracts, Asking Questions, Money, and Decision Making

This past week we continued to cover Leasing Principles. Learn more about DISC Assessments, Up-Front Contracts, Asking Questions, Money, and Decision Making in this week’s episodes.

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The Apartment Nerd Leasing Show – Episode 2 – Leasing Principles

I’m digging the podcast platform. iTunes and Google Play podcast subscriptions coming soon. Will let you know when that is available. In the mean time, follow me here to get links to the episodes, or download the Anchor app. They just overhauled everything there, and it’s pretty impressive.

Episode 2 – Leasing Principles

Maybe got the cart before the horse in talking about getting appointments in episode 1, but we’ll take a deeper dive as we go in these principle areas (including more on appointments). Thanks for listening. Please share, comment, and leave topic ideas. Cheers!

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The Apartment Nerd Leasing Show Podcast

I’m trying something new that might be easier to manage some frequency with.  Check out episode 1 of The Apartment Nerd Leasing Show. My goal with this show is talk primarily about actual leasing of apartments. As an industry we do a mediocre job at “sales,” but with some improved principles, strategies, and ideas I know we can all do better. If you have any topics you would like for me to cover in the leasing space please comment here or send me something somewhere on line.

By the way, it’s currently streaming on Anchor, but will soon be syndicated to iTunes and Google.  I’ll let you know when those subscriptions are available.  Thanks for listening!

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Bye, Bye 4 Ps of Marketing

The 4 Ps of Marketing are out at J.C. Hart.  We’ve redefined the principles we are focused on to not only drive new business, but make sure we are also taking care of the customers through the process.  Marketing, Sales, and Service all  need to work together within each principle. That’s how we’re defining these.  Here’s a quick video talking about Discovery, Story, Clarity, Buoyancy, and Courtesy.

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