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Maintenance Communication; Is Too Much Ever Enough?

If this is the way you do business I’m not interested in any bid you may wish to submit Thus ended an interaction with a contractor that I had contacted to come out for a bid on some work at my house. (I honestly didn’t think trying to get people interested in taking my money for repairs would be this difficult!) I’m needing some pretty specific tree trimming and for my roof to be replaced. As a homeowner these would equate pretty well to a resident calling maintenance for a service request. This entire experience is a great reminder for the importance of communication when providing maintenance service. I’ve found that just getting a call back from companies is more difficult than I would have thought. Some of the contractors only want to respond by email… What if the job is more detailed than I can tell you by email? What is the method our residents want to let us know of service needs? More and more communities are looking for automated methods. Those methods only work if there is a monitoring culture in place. If the resident has sent a request to us through an impersonal means such as text or email, how is the resident assured that the request is received? Is there a responsive culture in place and does the resident know what happens next?  I can’t tell you how many online requests for a call back I’ve sent in to different companies that have yet to respond… Wonder why I’m not g......
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Has Casper Moved In or is the Pool Just Spooky?

When I was younger a cartoon character fascinated my generation. His name was Casper and he was called the “Friendly Ghost”. While the show that featured him was all in fun, and often relied upon humorous situations, having cloudy water, or “ghosting” in your pool can be spooky or downright dangerous. As a matter of fact, on July 2, 2011 USA Today reports that “murky and cloudy water” is to blame for concealing the body of a drowned woman for two days, even while people were swimming in the pool. The article states that if someone were to be below 3 ½ to 4 feet deep, they were not visible from the surface. This article illustrates to us just how important pool water clarity is. Most pool regulations nationwide have requirements that the drain at the bottom of the pool is always visible. If that visibility is not present, then the pool is to be closed. Since there are several causes for “Unfriendly Ghosting” there are several procedures that a pool operator can do to prevent its occurrence. Here is a few: ·         Ghost removal is a process… o    The number one cause of cloudy water is filtration system problems. Many apartment pools are filtered by a sand filter. This filtration has the ability to remove small particles with a small amount of regular maintenance. The maintenance that is to be done is to backwash the filter as needed. A technician knows when the filter will need to be backwashed by a 10psi increase ab......
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