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The Cloffice

Any other Dunder Mifflin fans out there? If so, let’s play some flonkerton later, visit Schrute Farms and chat about all things office.  Let’s meet in the conference room in five…… There are many names for the reimagined essential home office: zoom room, pocket office and my fave new term “cloffice.”  Are you accommodating this macro-trend in your models or units? Whether your customers are renting or buying they need a dedicated space to work from home. Or if there are school aged children in the home this can be a virtual classroom as well.  A few things to keep in mind are that it doesn’t have to be in a spare room. Great if you have the space then problem solved! However, you can retro closets, alcoves, or storage rooms to achieve the cloffice (closet + office.) Things to consider in there: a petite desk work surface, a lamp, shelving for storage and a cozy chair. I would add as a flooring professional that the quietest surface to use underfoot is carpet. It absorbs sound with the best IIC rating in independent testing. It’s softer and cozier underfoot. It has a great insulation R Value too. And in today’s styles, colors and patterns you can’t go wrong.    If the space already has hard surface down you have options too. Throw down a bound area rug or look for new peel and stick soft surface planks to create your own rug. I have this in my own cloffice and love the feel on my toes......
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Save Your Pennies!

Save Your Pennies!

Are you wanting to create focal and memory points to merchandise your model units? Look no further to achieve this through an easy design update.

We spy with our little eyes a classic, retro and modern look. 


Penny rounds are enjoying their time to shine. 



Simple, chic and subtle from crisp white to carrara grays to marbled black.


What’s old is new again in this throwback style. 

Look for mixed media in so many styles ranging from ceramic, porcelain, true stone, metals and even glass penny mosaics to make a beautiful backsplash. 



Create that spa feel, a-ha moment with pennies for your next refresh. 



Many pennies are rated for shower floors not just walls. Just check with your flooring specialist on the deets. 



🎶 Circle circle dot dot….(now that’s a throwback!) 





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Don’t lose your marbles!

Don’t lose your marbles!

Marble looks are crushing it. These look-a-likes are the highest form of design flattery. This style has been on-trend for years with no end in sight.  I just can’t stop spec’ing it. Have you utilized it yet? Did you know it ranges from uber affordable in sheet vinyl for baths, wet areas and kitchens? Get this look as well in ceramic and porcelain tiles too for kitchen backsplashes, showers and floors. 


(It’s in my own cloffice/zoom room.)


 Classic marble styles are gorgeous and versatile. These only look like the real thing!  And they can go almost anywhere! Here are a few reasons we love it.  The veining. The polished or matte sheen. The variation of sizes. The colorations ranging from Carrara to Calacatta. Super low maintenance, so easy to sanitize and no high end marble to seal.

In addition, many floating marble “tiles” have the ease of install. Bonus! These resilient tiles are waterproof (from the top down) and have integrated realistic looking grout lines. It’s only mimicking tile. No more scrubbing grout. Game changer!



New innovative shower systems boast these floating waterproof “tiles” on the shower walls! It only looks like the real thing. It’s quicker to install (as in one day) with no second trip charges saving time and money. 


Talk to your trusted flooring specialist today. It won’t be in VEIN!


Keeping it real,  (well almost)


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Trend Alert ~ Camo Chic

Trend Alert ~ Camo Chic

Do you have a say in your model refresh? Did you know that there is color psychology in design? (Yeah, you did!) People often gravitate toward colors for their home off of colors they wear most often in their closet. Fashion meets flooring often, especially neutrals, like staples from our wardrobes. 


Camouflage with all of its fun whimsical colors are popping up everywhere from clothing, shoes, accessories and decor. And we can’t get enough. 


Camo isn’t just for hunters anymore. This is a go-to style!


So here’s a few side by sides of some fave finds that have your clients’ closet coordinating with your spaces and places. 

Comfy hoodie playing well with textured waves in this herringbone tile with contrasting grout. 

Cozy joggers coordinating with wood plank looks.


Barely there grays in your tee and your subways.


A turquoise twist in your leggings and your accent tile.

Warm tones coordinate with your sweats and your shower walls.

A raw edge jacket blends well with an edgy dark taupe backsplash in your coffee lounge area.

Icy grays pull this blazer and this wood plank floor together.


Try these camouflage tones in your next reno or refresh. Let us know your favorite look in the comments below. 
Now you see me. Now you don’t!


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To herringbone or not to herringbone? (That is the question!)


Well that’s easy, Shakespeare. When in doubt, and if it’s in the budget, always herringbone! It’s not only on-trend. It’s classic for multi-family new construction and renovations. 


I say, herringbone patterns for everyone! For you and you and you and you! From value to luxe - Sheet, Wood, RCB, WPC, SPC (all the TLA’s - three letter acronyms included.)


Flooring has you covered from affordable design on a dime options in sheet. Such as, this sheet vinyl that brings style and sophistication ~ attainable style for anyone. 



How about this look it’s so chic for sheet in any unit!



There are gorgeous options in waterproof lines as well:



High-end authentic engineered wood for entry ways and lobbies make a grand luxe statement. 



And if budget isn’t an issue, then go for it with the beauty of wood in your A properties. (Swoon!)



Whether you zig or zag in herringbone, you cannot go wrong. Talk to your flooring specialist today to get samples and view all available colors. I’m crushing on this latest install below. Isn’t it stunning? 


Happy designing no matter your budget,


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Blondes have more fun ?!?


I am a brunette (full blooded Puerto-Rican to be exact - Õye, don’t let the last name fool ya.) So I’ve always taken the statement “Blondes have more fun” with a grain of salt (or adobo!)



However, when it comes to flooring, the verdict is in! I 100% agree. Blondes DO have more fun. 

Light airy flooring, especially white oak, is having its time to shine! It’s all the rage.

 Not only is it on-trend but it is also practical. Lighter stains tend to show more of the wood grain’s raw beautiful natural character from knot holes to mineral streaks. Lighter wood floors typically show less wear and tear than darker floors too. Less scuffs, less dirt, less everyday sins. Very forgiving. Especially in a low gloss/matte finish.

Now that’s a win/win!

Blondes come in many different shades. Which one is right for your complex? Here’s a few looks that exude this trend from frosted, natural, and strawberry to dirty blonde and everything in between. 



Have you used blonde floors to update and HIGHLIGHT your model?  Drop us a comment below. (And if you’re looking for a blonde joke, WOOD you CUT it out. No throwing SHADE. 🤓)
Call me - Blondie,


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Coastal Chic



Summer is almost over. School is starting soon. But, I love it when we are cruising together!
We are drawn to the mystery of the sea, ocean life, relaxing by the lake. Fly Fishing. Surfing. Swimming. Jumping waves. Wind in our hair. Palm trees in the breeze. Relaxation.

No wonder we are bringing the airy coastal outdoor feel indoors into our living quarters. Serenity. Calming waves, sandy beaches, seaglass colors. Calgon take me away! (Wait, am I dating myself???)

Here’s some Coastal Chic looks to make you feel like you have your toes in the water and (ehhh) hands in the sand all year long. Even Pantone‘s Living Coral color of the year agrees.   

This backsplash is giving me all kinda sea-glass feels! 


That sandy carpet is acting like such a beach.  😏

Blonde hardwood is really a sunbathing beauty.

Resilient flooring giving white washed destination vibes.   

Wide planked porcelain tile is everything a vacay evokes. 

Do you have a coastal project coming up? Or are you just wanting to bring that relaxed feeling to your residence? Let us know please if you catch my drift(wood.) And lastly tell us below where your favorite vacation spot is. 

You, me, and the sea,


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Having a Grout Time!

Grout usually blends into the background like a little wallflower. And that is good, sometimes. However there is so much more design that we are leaving on the table when we blend in. Why not contrast your grout to zhuzh up your room? Meaning improvement of an appearance by way of a slight adjustment.

Got a tile job coming up? Grout minds think alike! Why not choose to stand out with grout? 
Have you seen the latest on the market? Glitter grout. Shimmering and shining with a subtle effervescence. Grout Gatsby! 
My three go-to colors for almost any contrasting tile and grout spec are:
Bright White
Natural Gray
And Black. 

I have Grout Expectations that you will be thrilled with the outcome as long as your installer provides: color consistency, spreadability, and coverage beyond a reasonable grout! 



Goodness gracious, Grout Balls of Fire ☄️ remember you can use sanded for ceramic and porcelain. And please use unsanded grout for glass tiles and metals. 

Before you spec this, make sure you get it blessed by The Grout Father or Alexander the Grout in purchasing. 
Ain’t no grout about it. Contrasting grout is where it’s at friends. 
I need to stop. I can’t help myself! I am Mrs Groutfire
Okay enough already. 
Have a grout day,
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Package Deal

 Remember that song line “Everyday I’m hustling hustling?” 🎶 For our day to day it’s more like: “Everyday I’m packaging, packaging.“ 🎶

Are you utilizing design packages currently for quicker turns? 
Fact. It makes a lot of sense for multi-family customers to have design packages ready to go. We live for this. We’d love to take on your existing interior finishes. Send us your paint color, cabinets, and counters. We will elevate and complement them with flooring surfaces. We take the design guesswork out for you.

   Want to go modern, minimal, loft, rustic, farmhouse, coastal, mid-century, or transitional? Let us help! 

And that awkward moment when you have Honey Oak cabinets...pish posh! Challenge accepted. We can work with that!


Cool schemes, warm schemes, bold schemes, contrast/blend, and everything in between. We’ve got you covered. Let us floor you!
Here’s just one example of a hand-curated package we’ve delivered to the delight of our customers from our design and marketing team just for multi-family.


So what can we pair together for you?  Send me a design dilemma in the comments if you are feeling boxed in. 
At your service,
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Spell it out! Words are powerful! Use yours wisely. Speak life into your spaces. 

 There are so many ways to express on-trend designs with words to make your complex stand out in the most welcoming way. 

 Here’s some word art done right. (I love this look in sparing moderation. A little goes a long way!) Check out this fab pillow in a customized zip code for your next mini-model to feel like home. 

And then there’s the fun and classic letter boards. (I have one and ❤️ it, but it takes an act of Congress for me to change it!) Chalk boards work as well to welcome future residents. Or you can gently remind current residents of upcoming events or dates. 

 So I compel you to try word decos for your next creative project. Here’s an example of go-to porcelain indoor/outdoor tile pavers for memorable walls and floors. 
Add an element of surprise to your design. This can be industrial, whimsical, or modern farmhouse. 
I can see this in a multifamily laundry room, mudroom, man cave, kids bathroom, outdoor kitchen, backsplash or any space that allows you to think outside of the box. Be creative with installation: offset, on the grid, or herringbone. 
Spell bound,
 PS We installed this in our boys’ restroom above. It gives a new meaning to bathroom reading! 😂


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