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Budget friendly Tips to Develop and Stand Out from the Competition by Enhancing Your Community’s “Neesh.”

Budget friendly Tips to Develop and Stand Out from the Competition by Enhancing Your Community’s “Neesh.”

WAIT! Did you read the first blog on the Savvy Socialite? Be sure to check it out or you will be missing secrets and tips to start developing your niche with budget friendly ideas.

If you have been following my previous blog, I am diving into ideas and techniques to develop a niche, or do you pronounce it “nitch?No matter how you pronounce “neesh,” it is more important than ever to make your property stand out from the competition. You will save time, increase NOI and keep your community full of loyal and happy residents if you hone in on what makes your community unique.

Back to the basics

According to Google’s definition of NICHE: Adj. Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

What stands out to me from the definition are the words services and interests. After all, we are in the people industry. It does not have to be complicated or overly thought out to develop a niche. A good place to start is by simply observing, using polls and surveys to get feedback of what your residents like about the property and why they chose to live there. Hint hint…. especially residents that have renewed.

Series two topic:

The Digital Nomad: Renter’s want to use technology to find their apartment and throughout their journey.

Did you recently upgrade your internet services on property? How are you using technology for the customer journey? Do prospects ask about download and upload speeds on a tour? <eeek…. deer in headlights>. Perhaps you have a beautiful business center or a social space where residents can co-work or plug in.

Think about the technology forward aspects of your community and use that to your advantage to develop your niche. Now more than ever, people are able to work from home and be true digital nomads. Working from home, but not from “home” is a big part of my current brand, Kenect. With private offices pods, day passes for locals, floating coworking space and meeting rooms, people can get out of their apartments yet still feel at home. We also have technology in our apartments such as built is charging stations, electronic murphy beds, USB outlets and electronic/Bluetooth access.

The upcoming generation of renters all grew up with a phone in their hand. They are looking for apartments on a mobile device. If your website is not formatted for mobile, you are losing potential leads and renters. They are engrained to be digital nomads, and quite frankly, demand it for a more accessible and on-demand leasing experience. How are you incorporating technology as part of the follow up and leasing process? Are you using video, text and 24 hour virtual tours? This can be your “neesh” when it comes to marketing your community to attract the Digital Nomad.

See video follow examples to create a humanized leasing experience through Vidyard:

 (non-paid endorsement)


Where to start?

Budget Friendly:

  • Use technology for follow up. Phone calls and emails do not always close leases these days. Use creative platforms for follow up.
  • Vidyard has been my new favorite tool for going on 4 years and allows video follow up via email. It can also turn you into a GIF, which is my favorite. You can also set up quick tutorials and screen shares to walk people through a lease or answer FAQ’s. The options are endless on how to use this tool. Averages around $960 per year.
  • #Textbox is an affordable and easy tool for texting, it is around $69 per month. Using technology to provide a human interaction after the tour will build a loyal customer and speed up closing ratios. While we still need to pick up the phone and call prospects, sending a text for follow up with a link to complete an application will create the urgency to close the lease quickly. Prospects feel reassured and trusting with instant accessibility.
  • Partner with local tech companies to offer your residents incentives. Invite them to your property for demos at an event or on move in days. They always bring free promotional items and may sponsor big events with your continued partnership!
  • Include printed (and digital) materials for prospects to promote your techy vibe such as, internet speeds, tech amenities, tech partners, and location to nearest tech stores. Techy gurus like to compare information to nearby comps to make the most informed decisions. You have just saved them time and therefore one step closer to closing the lease.
    • This can be a smaller six-by-nine front and back flyer or graphic you can email them.
    • If a team member has experience in Canva or other design outlets these materials can be created for free.
  • QR codes are still a thing: Add a QR code to any graphic or flyer for people to scan for information. It works and it is FREE. I like to use QR-Code-Generator because you get analytics and various templates for the user. Around $150/year.


Got money in the budget?

  • Invest in technology for the leasing experience. Companies such as #Engrain and #Pynwheel and LCP 360 are offering incredible real time leasing tours with expansive touch screen monitors. It customizes for exactly what the customer is looking for.
    • Your Digital Nomad prospect will have an interactive experience while playfully using the touch screen to pick and choose their unit all while staying in budget and move in timeframe. Everything is digital, printed floorplans are not necessary.
  • Tech swag! Using tech friendly swag for tour or welcome gifts will go a long way. My go to is Boundless Networkfor the latest trends, easy invoicing, and quick shipping times.
    • USB chargers
    • Power stations
    • Charging hubs
    • Microfiber cloths
    • Tech tacos
    • Phone stands
    • Stay away from flat chargers since most people have cases on their phones.
  • Add charging chairs/cubbies and working stations in a social space. Digital Nomad’s always wanting to be plugged in, unless they are on a digital detox retreat, of course.


Digital Nomads of all ages and backgrounds enjoy living around others that appreciate technology and use it in their daily lives. While the zero-depth entry pool and fancy dog washing station are amazing amenities, if the Digital Nomad is your “nitch” they will choose your community over the competition because you’ve caught their attention and catered to their needs. They have found their “neesh” at your community and now it is their home.

Thank you for reading, I love sharing tips and tricks. All of my links are 100% non-paid endorsements as I truly value their services and want to help everyone be their BEST.

 Send me photos to share on my next blog of how you’re using budget friendly ideas to enhance your “neesh.”


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