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Celebrating Five Years of Felicia Norman

Celebrating Five Years of Felicia Norman

Multifamily Insiders has always been a small but mighty organization that served a MUCH larger community. Several years ago it was just myself and one other person, and I felt we were simply not progressing. The community was large and passionate, but we spent all of our time with existing programs and never seemed to get a step ahead to grow the community beyond that.

It was time for a change.

I asked Felicia if she would like to re-join MFI, and that kicked off something truly special at MFI. She said yes, and I distinctly remember those first few weeks after she came back. Not only were we able to handle all of our existing programs, but here she was consistently asking "what else can I do?"

Felicia did something that we desperately needed – she gave us an opportunity to grow.

We suddenly had the team we needed and the Multifamily Insiders community started to multiply like it had when we initially launched several years prior. Felicia brought enthusiasm, intelligence, and focus that helped us develop new programs, grow our team, and achieve more of our vision. She is caring, thoughtful, and shares the belief that doing the right thing is ultimately the most important aspect to a vibrant community. And even though it sometimes gets us into trouble by taking on too much, we both share the feeling that we can accomplish anything.

It has been 5 years since Felicia rejoined MFI, and in that time she has grown from an administrative role to Director of Operations.

I am so lucky that to have found someone who complements the ethos of this community, coupled with the passion to do even greater things, and maybe most of all, someone I truly love talking to every day to make these goals a reality.

Thank you for being a part of this wild ride, Felicia, and I am incredibly thankful for everything you have done for MFI and our community!

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Going to take this opportunity to celebrate Felicia! Can't imagine MFI without her! She has a great work ethic, always figuring out ways to make programs/work more efficient, has helped guide me through these years, is always there when I need help, makes sure I am taken care of and feel appreciated. Just all in all an amazing, caring, capable person to work with. I honestly think she is the oil that keeps the company running smoothly. Such a great boss, co-worker, friend... and if you don't know what to do, just think WWFD?

  Amanda Hill
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Happy 5 years Felicia! It's always nice to see your face here!

  Lauren Niziol
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Woah, when was this posted?? I love my job, my team, and the MFI community! Thank you Brent, for the opportunity you've provided to me, for teaching me so so much, for being an amazing leader, mentor, and above all else, being a sincere compassionate friend. We make an amazing team, small, mighty, and we get it done! (Well most of it... !!) It's been a wild ride this time around, look at how much we've done! Train the Trainer, Demo Day, Webinar Program (#notoiletfur), grown the Community, surpassed 50,000 members to our LinkedIn Group, worked with amazing suppliers, property management professionals, and a million abbreviations that only we understand (SS, LIRec, NL, MM, WW, MFI, DD.....) and we have so many laughs along the way! Sorry to say, but you're probably stuck with me for a while longer!

And Amanda, I'm honored to have you on our team, you are amazing to work with. Not to sound cliché but with all heartfelt sincerity, I could not do it without you, without your reminders, your patience, your integrity! We are so lucky to have you too!

  Felicia Norman
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I love how #notoiletfur has become a critical part of MFI's story! Tamela Coval, you'd be thrilled!

  Brent Williams
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I adore Felicia...she is warm, friendly, smart, helpful! She held my hand through the technology
part of working remotely! Congratulations!!!!

  Anne Sadovsky
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Felicia Happy anniversary! This community would not be the same without you. Every Friday night workshop session and random text brings me such joy and always delivers great results. You are a goddess and we are so lucky to have you in this fam!

  Justin Jones
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Felicia is one of the most SUPERFANTASTIC people that I know. MFI is elevated to another level because she is part of it. As a presenter and host, I have had the opportunity to be the recipient of her kindness, support, and encouragement. And as a guest on my video-podcast show, the SUPERFANTASTIC Exchange, she championed MFI and shared incredible stories and gold nuggets of wisdom.
Blessed that Felicia is part of my virtual world and in my network.

CONGRATS on 5 years with MFI!

  Gary Gregory

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