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Proven methods of increasing occupancy without selling specials.
Closing Deals Over the Phone: How It's Done

The phone remains a top sales tool. For many leads, it's their preferred method of contact. But the phone can be intimidating. The fear of it is akin to that of public speaking. The phone is the only way to reach some people, much like being on stage is the only way to achieve certain goals. Both platforms can be efficient routes to positive change for the presenters and the listeners. Those who lack the heart to put themselves out there only miss out.  

Much of the anxiety some feel about phone sales comes from their obsession over what to say. All variables cannot be predicted, especially in conversation. There’s nothing like the unknown to make a person nervous.

That’s one reason many prefer to close deals in-person instead of the phone. In part, they hope non-verbal cues will enhance their ability to know what to say. Others prefer full automation, approaching sales as just a numbers game. They avoid including any person-to-person contact in their sales cadence, hoping to buffer themselves from rejection. Many of these would fair better if they used the phone along with their email outreach and digital marketing funnels.

In-person meetings can be sweet, but they're not always possible. Automation can be handy but not always sufficient in building trust. Plus, not everyone who invests in fully automating their sales see a good return. It depends on their approach, their target audience, and what they’re selling, to name a few factors. But anyone can learn to use the phone to seal the sale. It’s one of the most cost-effective and powerful tools at your disposal.

It’s time to conquer the fear of the phone. Get rid of any misconceptions that are holding you back from using this time-tested tool to help you close more deals faster. Sales of all sizes are being closed via phone everyday in every industry.

Visualize it

You’ve heard about the importance of visualizing goals. Athletes talk about it, as do motivational speakers. It’s good advice often found wherever the secrets of success are shared. You might already have a habit of practicing visualization. Many do. But fewer visualize themselves succeeding in closing through a phone call.

Experience builds confidence. Sales visualization can help you gain experience. Confidence is one sign of professionalism and trustworthiness. All are attributes that can be projected through the phone to help you close more deals.

Visualization is a simple practice. With a desired outcome in mind, relax all your muscles. Let the scenario play out in your mind. Try to engage all your senses in the scene, right down to the feeling of the phone or headset resting on your ear. Run through the conversation. You may want to repeat this a couple of times. You’ll arise with a renewed outlook and feel less nervous when it’s time for the call.

Use tools

The phone is just one of the many tools that should be available to you when making the closing call. Also have a notepad, pencil, and a calculator. Have a calendar handy. Keep your product or service information nearby. Many take such simple tools for granted but being prepared presents you as a competent professional. It can compensate for many unexpected loops and variables.

Being prepared also means not having to put your lead on hold, fumble around during the call, or tell them you’ll get back to them later. Any of these things can delay or blow the deal, so they’re best avoided.

Show your smile

Unless it’s a video phone call, your lead might not see the smile on your face, but it’ll come through in your voice and disposition. Smiling can also help curb anxiety. It can put you in a lighter mood and make approaching the close seem less intimidating. When you're more relaxed, that can relax your lead, helping them be more open to you.

Tell Them What to Do

The bad reputation of the pushy salesman, combined with a fear of offending, keeps some from being bold enough to tell their leads to pay up. In reality, people like being told what to do. After all, guides are helpful. Giving your lead the next step to take offers them sweet clarity. When you know your solution is what they need, telling them it's time to buy is giving sound advice.

Becoming comfortable with closing deals over the phone can increase your sales volume. The phone is a time-saving device. Instead of meeting with each lead in person, which takes travel time at the least, you can call. You can have one conversation after the next, closing one deal after the next. This is just one of the many secrets that will help you to become a high producer.

Take what I’ve shared today, put it into practice and start closing more deals over the phone immediately.  Good Luck!

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Thank you Chiccorra for the great advice. I’m currently making cold calls to apartment building owners with the hope that my partners and I can get a deal and start out investing journey. I’m struggling with calls that I make, I leave a voice message and no one calls back. I’ve been doing the calls for a week so I probably need a lot of practice. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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Great read, Chicorra. I love the "visualize" tip...the power of positive thinking!

  Lia Nichole Smith

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