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Gifting Tips

Providing tips from experiences working with multi-family owner/operators and their needs for gifting for new tenants.

Create a Unique Tenant Welcome Gift Using Travel Sizes

Example Tenant Welcome KitUsing travel-sized toiletries and cleaning items, one can create a unique tenant welcome gift that can create a lasting impression, especially during those hectic first few days of move in.  To choose what to put in the gift basket of goodies, one must think like a new tenant, whose stuff is still boxed up, but everyday things need to get done from the moment of arrival.  Some helpful tasks and accompanying products to include are:

  • Laundry: Include a single use laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener to help get that first emergency laundry load underway
  • Cleaning: Even with a professional cleaning, new tenants may want to clean certain things, or even clean their own stuff as they unpack it and set it up.  Thus, include a travel size cleaning solution, paper towels, and Lysol.
  • Dishes: Cleaning that first round of dishes before being fully unpacked can require certain items, so include a sponge, washcloths, liquid dish soap, and a packet for the dishwasher (if there is one).
  • Bathroom:  You could include the typical toiletries, but odds are, those have been prioritized in the packing and you don’t need to provide for emergency supplies (and, those tend to be more brand-specific to each person’s tastes).  Thus, a hand sanitizer can be helpful, and a travel sized roll of toilet paper for move-in day.
  • Miscellaneous: Tape is always needed when moving, and not just when packing up.  Thus, a travel sized roll of duct tape (which is more versatile than packing tape) can be a handy item, as well as some WD-40 (great for screws that are on too tight, squeaky doors, and other minor fixes).

Even if only a few of the items actually get used, they will all be saved for future uses, and the unique impression will go a long way to continued top notch customer service.

What other interesting things have you put in your welcome baskets?

Paul Shrater is the Co-Founder of Minimus.biz, the leading online retailer of over 2000 major brand travel-sized and individual sized items.  Beyond its retail website, Minimus.biz also offers wholesale pricing, and custom kit creation – including its House Warming Kits, recommended by Realtor Magazine.

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Love this idea! When I first moved in, I could have used so many of these things to hold me over until I was organized and ready to do some major supply shopping. And depending on if it fits in the gift basket, a roll of toilet paper would be awesome!

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We add a pad of paper and pen for notes, shopping lists, etc., a bottle of water and granola bars, handiwipes or a few folded paper towels, and a pocket sized package of Kleenex. Residents LOVE that we add a tape measure!

  Sandi Phillips
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I had forgotten about these little ideas that go a long way.

  Cecilia Duran
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ActiveBuilding, yes, the TP is a good idea. There is a travel-sized one in there... sometimes just one of those isn't enough though, and a few might be more helpful.

Sandi, great ideas! We've actually done a lot of customizations for people where we've included some items like that. Tape measure is a terrific idea.

Cecilia, there are definitely some impressive things that can be done with welcome kits!

  Paul Shrater

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