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Customizing Your Customer Journeys


Nike is always at the forefront of of marketing innovation. For years, Nike has allowed everyday customers to customize their new kicks.



This idea of mass customization has transcended into almost every industry.

Think about your last trip to Moe’s. Did you go with the standard ‘Earmuff Bowl’…or did you Build-Your-Own (B-Y-O)? If you’re like us, you went down the line and cherry-picked the ingredients you like the most.

The best part, you still pay a comparable price… assuming you did go too crazy with the queso.

In our last several posts, we have discussed how you can customize your communications for prospects and residents. We recommend email sets to enhance each customer’s journey. Today, we are going to talk about how you can customize your communications to fit your individual property’s needs, because one size doesn’t fit all… no matter what the tag says.



Campaign Customization

Let’s imagine a property management company has two properties in the Boston area.

Property A has an amazing location in the heart of Boston, however, it doesn’t have room for a lot of standard amenities like a pool, gym or clubhouse.

On the flipside, Property B has luxury amenities, but is located about 25 minutes outside of the city. The standard Pre-Tour emails (showcase amenities, features, and neighborhood) doesn’t work well for either of these properties.



That’s why you should customize your customer journeys to highlight your property’s strengths.


For Property A, you may want to forgo the ‘Showcase Amenity’ email and replace it with an ‘Area and Community’ email to show off more of the awesome advantages of the property’s location.



While Property B might focus on the amenities, features and community events on the property to accentuate the benefits of a luxurious building.



Take a look at how both of these properties easily communicate a unique value proposition to customers. Plus, they all used the same template and cadence. Not only are you adding a level of personalization by targeting your emails to a specific audience, you are highlighting your property’s best features. Now, this seems like a lot of work, but you only have to make the email once. Then, you can just keep sending it (which is really easy with automation!)


Just like that, you have your own custom communications plan ready to start converting more leads into leases!

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