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Dear Gabby: All-inclusive living

Dear Gabby: All-inclusive living

Dear Gabby,

 I’ve been hearing more and more about this “All-Inclusive Living” trend as of late. All I can think about when I hear the words “all-inclusive” is a resort where people are lazy, being waited on hand and foot without paying extra. I’m sure there is something more to it since it is becoming more popular but can you explain?




Dear #ALoyalOfficeFan,  

Gabby here! And I am going to help you understand all of the details to the new “All-Inclusive Living” trend! It’s less about being lazy and more about residents being busy. They want convenience built into their lives by having everything they need included in their multifamily community.

 It’s becoming more and more common for American workers to work long hours. A lot of companies have meals, coffee, nap rooms, employee outings all provided at workplaces such as Google, Yelp, and more! People with this lifestyle are used to having everything in one place and want those conveniences to continue once they come home.

 Work life balance is always important when it comes to looking for jobs but what if that balance is becoming more about making work feel like home and home feeling like a hotel. “All Inclusive Living” helps make this balance possible.


Okay, so are some examples of what could be included in “All Inclusive Living”?


  1. Fully Furnished Apartment

This one isn’t a new option but space-saving transformable furniture is. With this new furniture, residents can have smaller rooms or even just one small space and still have the function to do everything they please.


  1. Cable and Wifi Included

This may seem like a small convenience, but no one likes waiting all day for a cable company to show up 2 hours after their scheduled appointment time. With wifi and cable included in the cost, residents not only save time but they can also save their vacation day at work for something better than a date with the cable guy.


  1. A personal butler service

How amazing would it be to not worry about whether your laundry is done? Whether you have groceries in your fridge? Or when the last time you washed your sheets was? Getting rid of these worries is one of the main reasons people are drawn to All-Inclusive Living. And I mean….can we really blame them? That sounds like a dream.


  1. A social concierge service

This amenity is a lot like a better version of college. A social concierge service will organize on and off-site social events. Like I said, think of this as an upgrade to those awkward floor mixers you had in college. Trade in weird cafeteria food for group meals made by local chefs, happy hours with famous mixologists, and group trips.


  1. A private party room with catering

Rather than just having a space that residents can rent out, this amenity is more of a party planning service with everything included. Catering is a lot to think about so what if your multifamily community already had one picked for you when you wanted to throw a party? Life would be more simple.


  1. A fitness club

A gym is wayyyyy to basic for an “all inclusive” community. You need to be able to go to fitness classes, have access to a trainer, AND an entire gym.


Now that you are equipped with all the facts, do you think this trend will catch on? Would you pay more for all of those amenities to be included?


Until next time,


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