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Dear Gabby: Friendsgiving

Dear Gabby: Friendsgiving

Dear Gabby,


How it is November already? Weren’t we just swimming in the pool? Anyway, it’s been awhile since I hosted an event for my residents and I have been hearing a lot about this thing called Friendsgiving...would that be a good idea? I am not totally sure what Friendsgiving is. I guess I am showing my age.


Please help!






Dear #AManagerTryingToBeHip,



I would be lying if I said that you seemed like a millennial based on your question, but at least you’re trying! Friendsgiving is somewhat of a new idea and is really popular for young people that live away from their families.


I think that it would be a perfect fall event for your residents. It’s such a fun and relaxed way to get to know your neighbors without the pressure of having a sit down meal. Not only that, but it is before the winter holiday season so people are more likely to be free.


When throwing a Friendsgiving gathering, you should forget your idea of any formal meal or having to deal with your distant relatives that you have to see once a year (side note: if a relative doesn’t come to mind… you’re that relative!). Instead, think about drinks, delicious food, good tunes, and chatting with new friends!


Here are some tips from none other than Martha Stewart on how to make your Friendsgiving the best around...and we know she’s friends with Snoop Dogg so her Friendsgiving has be dope fo’shizzle!

  1. Food:

The host should make the turkey and then your residents can do the salads, sides, desserts, and rolls as a potluck. Just make sure you keep dietary restrictions in mind and have a dish for every diet! And don’t pull a Monica  and put the turkey on your head. #judging

  1. Decorations-

Rather than spending loads of money at the decoration store, you can do some simple DIY decorations and decorate your party room with ease.

  1. Activities-

Have a simple craft for residents to do. Flower crowns are trendy and easy to make!

  1. Tunes:

Don’t forget the music! Make sure to create a playlist with songs that set the mood for the party. Pick carefully...you don’t want a weird middle-school dance vibe occurring.

  1. Drinks:

Friendsgiving isn’t complete without drinks! Hot apple cider, wine, apple sangria...the choice is your’s. Just make sure you have enough for everyone!

  1. Leftovers:

Leftovers are required. Make sure to provide takeout boxes for everyone to fill up at the end of the night!


Okay, that should be all of the info you need to be able to throw a successful Friendsgiving for your residents!


Until next week, over and out!



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