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Dear New Leasing Professional...

Congratulations on your new career in a wonderful industry! Before you embark on your first day at work, I want to cover a couple of things that you might not learn about in training with your company.

1. Never begin your leasing job without taking a class in Fair Housing. If your company won't train you in Fair Housing, spend the money out of your own pocket and take an online Fair Housing course. You're doing yourself a huge disservice if you start leasing (even answering the phone) without such an important class.

2. No matter what anyone at your company says, people who come into look at your apartment are NOT "pieces of traffic". They are customers, deserving of being called just that; a customer. You might also hear the term 'prospective resident' and that's okay, too. But they are NOT 'pieces of traffic'. Don't pick up that habit.

3. Don't use industry buzzwords like "pro-in" with a customer to describe what their pro-rated rent would be upon move in. Most customers have no idea what a 'pro-in' is. Simply describe it as 'pro-rated rent' based upon the number of days they will have the apartment that month. That simplifies it and puts it into a language we all can understand.

4. Don't pre-judge anyone based upon the way they look, talk or dress. I remember visiting a lovely community in Naperville, Illinois where my family and I were seriously considering living. Upon entering the leasing trailer (it was a brand new community), the Leasing Professional took one look at me (I was in shorts, tshirt and flip flops) and handed me an application for employment. I said, "What's this?". Her reply, "Well, you're here to apply for the housekeeping job, right?" When I explained I was there to look for an apartment, she said, "Do you have ANY IDEA what the rents are here? SERIOUSLY?" Obviously, I wasn't dressed up to standard. I left after she said that.  

5. Congratulate yourself on getting a job in one of the best industries there is. You have the power to make someone's day by helping them find the perfect apartment. You get to be outdoors a great deal of the time. You get to become part of your residents' extended family. You get to work for amazing companies that have outstanding national reputations like Equity Residential, Avalon Bay, Archstone-Smith and more.  And you're joining an industry that is much like a 'family' in many ways. 

On behalf of thousands of industry professionals like myself, we welcome you to our family.



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Hey Jonathon!

Yep, they thought I was a housekeeping applicant. What was really sad is they just DIDN'T believe I could afford to live there - they judged the book by its cover.

Thanks for the note! And hey, anything else we need to add to this list? Please add more!


  Lisa Trosien
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Hey Justin!

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I totally forgot that sometimes Leasing Pro's have used the term "hot buttons" with prospects. If we don't tell them not to do it, why wouldn't they? Especially if they hear others using the term.

I can tell you exactly when and where my Naperville experience was, even though I've tried to block that out of my memory!

Thanks so much for commenting. Love your insight and your description of a Leasing Professional's job. It's perfect!


  Lisa Trosien
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Hey Kathryn!

Yes, it IS one of the best industries out there,isn't it? Thanks so much for your comments!


  Lisa Trosien
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Love it, as usual! And I don't think that girl would have taken you seriously unless you walked in wearing Dolce.

I would add to your list #6 Take a basic course in conflict resolution where they will teach you how to not take it personally and how to calm people down. You're going to need it. But don't let that scare you, because the reward that comes from making a resident happy with their home is one that's hard to top in this day to day job.

oh and #7 When you get your first lease, you will feel like you can fly. Please note that you cannot actually fly. This feeling will be VERY convincing.

And you're right. This is one of the best industries ever. Everyone has a place here. You can't beat that kind of environment!

  Heather Blume
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Hey Heather!

Thanks for your contribution! I agree - conflict resolution is a GREAT idea! We definitely need that class for our industry 'basics'.

As for feeling like you can fly after getting your first lease, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Thank you!


  Lisa Trosien
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When I first started, I definitely had the best in training. The best thing I can honestly tell a new leasing consultant is to be as genuine as possible. My third or fourth month I remember leasing like 7 apartments on a Saturday because I was genuinely very nice to everyone and didn't make them feel like they were wasting my time

  Tanya Sams

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