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Designing a More Efficient Creative Team

When a marketing team is larger than one person, it becomes essential to focus almost as much on the team as on the marketing itself.  Companies that focus on building effective, well-oiled creative teams can successfully present their brand experience to prospective residents, while ineffectual, disorganized creative teams may very well dilute the brand. Proper implementation of appropriate tech tools and streamlined processes can help facilitate the creative process, increase productivity, and enhance results.


Here are some different actions one can take to construct an efficient creative team:


Organize and maintain cross-team projects

Many multifamily creative teams work directly with both property management and corporate decision makers. Because it can be challenging to balance the information that rolls in from both sides, it’s crucial to set stable practices for managing requests and organizing all lines of communication when working on cross-team projects.


Start by implementing an online tool for the submission of ad-hoc requests, and organizing regular meetings that address larger projects. Gathering requirements for stakeholder goals, target audiences, and distribution channels while setting expectations and timelines are the keys to the successful delivery of any project.


“Since our teams are all in different locations, having those weekly and biweekly project calls really creates a stream of continuous communication that allows everyone to stay on top of project progression and gives us flexibility to shift direction and resources as needed,” said Chelsea Hoffman, director of interactive marketing at UDR. “Online tools are a bonus that help us collaborate more efficiently while defining responsibilities, delegating tasks and providing clear visibility on project status at all times.”


Tools such as Asana allow teams to move conversations from email into action items and add timelines for completion. Scoro offers time tracking - something critical to creative team performance, while Media Center PRO allows teams to create their own flyers and digital marketing materials while maintaining company brand standards.


Streamline with technology tools

Technology can have a learning curve, but with adequate training, tech tools can streamline creative processes which eat up chunks of time that could be spent on other tasks.


The right tools, including a content management system, saved templates that maintain brand standards, and communication platforms, greatly increase team efficiency and therefore, output.


The best way to utilize technology to your team’s advantage is to uncover what you’re trying to achieve overall. Take a critical look at your creative team’s strengths and weaknesses to identify the types of tech tools that would help – not hurt.


One unique tool to help your teams stay focused is Focus @ Will. This curated site plays music in the background and it actually stays in the background. The site states that it has designed music in conjunction with neuroscientists to help you focus.


Offer ongoing cross-training and embrace change

Technology is rapidly altering the landscape of business. In order to maintain pace with progressing consumer demand and reach prospective residents, creative teams must constantly evolve. A successful and efficient creative team will be made up of people who embrace self-learning in order to gain new skills.


“Our marketing team continuously searches for process and task improvements for all aspects of the interactive marketing platform, from website enhancements and email marketing to social media and photography,” Hoffman said. “The team consists of several subject matter experts with overlaps in many skill sets, and I always look to cross-train so we always have backup.”


In the end, one of the best ways to build a more efficient creative team, aside from utilizing technology tools and organizing cross-team projects, is to work with people who embrace self-learning. When team members are constantly seeking to acquire new skills, they can easily stay up to date with the ever-changing trends in digital marketing.


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