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Does Your Leasing Office Have "Hum"?

No...I'm not asking if people in your office hum while they work. I want to know if your office has energy; energy that people can feel when they walk in the door. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computers ,said that he likes to have his office 'create hum', or energy that you can literally feel when you are in the offices of Dell computer. So I ask you, does you office have 'hum'?

Let me give you a couple of more examples:

1. Have you ever eaten dinner in an empty restaurant? What did it feel like? Not too good, I am guessing. Perhaps the word 'depressing' came to mind? Empty restaurants have no 'life' and probably make you want to leave as quickly as possible.

2. Now, think about the last time you ate any meal in a busy, bustling restaurant. It made you feel great when you got your table, right? It created an excitement to have your meal delivered. It made you want to stay and probably created a livelier mood at your table.

Now I know our leasing offices aren't restaurants, but we can create the same feeling of excitement in our workplaces. Bright, lively colors make a huge difference. Even the much maligned balloon bouquet can create a feeling of fun and festivity in your leasing space. Look around your office...what can you do to make your sales environment more friendly?

Cleanliness makes a big difference in how your leasing space appears to your prospective residents. Check your entryway doors for handprints, trash and dirt on the walkoff mat. There's really no excuse for dirty on site - ever.

Scent can also play a big part. A scent that creates excitement and energy: peppermint. The worst possible scent to have in your leasing space: lemon. It actually creates apprehension and tension in your prospects.

Music also helps tremendously! If you're playing that tired old 'easy listening' stuff, your space has zero energy. (HINT: If you hear Barry Manilow on your office music, it's probably time for a change.) Find a radio station that reflects your demographic and creates energy at the same time. When your prospects and residents start commenting on your great music, you know you've hit the right station.

So, how are you creating hum in your leasing space? I'd love to hear about it! Share it here in your comments! And thanks for reading.

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Great blog, Lisa, and I wonder if the same can be applied to whole property, as well? Obviously, keeping the property clean is key, but what about that "hum" you referred to? I've shopped too many communities where the community itself was eerily lifeless. Maybe more attention on landscaping to provide a more lush feel to go along with the inevitable nature-style community name? During the holiday season, we used to decorate the doors of our vacants as presents, which seemed to give a little life to the show. Just a few thoughts!

  Brent Williams
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Lisa, your post made me smile!

You demonstrate that atmosphere matters! People want to imagine they could enjoy living at a new community; 'easy listening' is for the retirement home!

I like bright rooms with sunshine. If the shades are closed or curtains are drawn and everyone looks like they're ready for a nap, then no way do I want to even come in the leasing office! So, my recommendation is let the light in, even if you have to replace window treatments.

The leasing office doesn't have to be a party, but it should look like a fun place to live and meet new people.

  Charity Zierten
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Very timely post. Many of us are in regions that are cold & snowy, and we feel a bit trapped this time of year. We need a little spice in our offices as a pick-me-up. Thanks for the suggestions!


  Mark Juleen
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Many of us forget how super important it is to make that first impression. Customers already have an impression of the community as they are driving in and before they open the door! Another great way to welcome the customer; have a blackboard or framed sign that placed near the front door, so as they enter, they see their name on a welcome sign. Now that's some hum! The welcome sign can be titled, "Future Resident Visiting Today, Welcome!" This is even more effective when you have 4, 5 or more tours! It FEELS busy and gives the impression of demand/popularity. Thanks for bringing this up, Lisa!

  Wendy Simpson
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I love what you all are adding to this discussion! Wendy, your signage idea is wonderful and Mark hit the nail on the head for those properties in the snowy climates. Brent, you're right on that we need to keep that 'hum' going in our vacant/available apartment homes. What other ways are multifamily professionals out there creating excitement, warmth and hum to your work spaces, model paths and apartment homes? Keep the ideas coming!

  Lisa Trosien

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