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Don't Forget the Little Things

In my travels, I am finding that many communities are experiencing a substantial and unanticipated drop in traffic.  That, coupled with increased move outs due to job loss, etc. has resulted in less than desirable vacancy rates. In addition to increased marketing efforts, it’s important and timely to keep in mind that the little things do count.  Rather than gazing out the window and wondering where all the traffic went, and speculating on when it might come back, take action and clean up your act.  
A few suggestions:
•    How many times have you pulled into a business thinking you might buy something, and pulled right back out because the place just didn’t look kept up?  Empty the ashtray out front.  Clean the windows on your front door.  Wash the coffeepot. Clean the golf cart.  Examine your entry mats.  Don’t forget the restrooms.
•    Visit your competition.  Have breakfast with a competitor.  Find out, (as Marvin Gaye so eloquently sang), what’s going on.
•    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…your fireplace-is it on?
•    When was the last time your community’s clubhouse and exterior windows were cleaned?  The difference will be clear, no pun intended.
•    Pay close attention to the your appearance and the appearance of your team.  Do you all convey a positive, professional image?

Above all, persevere.  Weather the storm.  Make every contact with clients and residents count.  Look at your community, your team, your competition and decide what you need to do become a community of choice.  Then become that community.  Do it just a little better than the rest.  Your clients will notice.
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Thanks for posting, Lori! You definitely keyed in on what seems to be turning into the theme of 2009, "Sweat the Small Stuff". In other words, focus on the details and realize how each action is affecting your presentation to prospects and residents. With a challenging economic situation, there is no excuse for a less-than-immaculate office and grounds. No matter how bad things get, you can still afford Windex!

  Brent Williams
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This was my favorite part of your post: "Make every contact with clients and residents count."
That says it all!

Great post! Welcome to MFI and we look forward to hearing more from you!

  Charity Zierten
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Such a great message! I think the drop in traffic, and especially actual rental applications, can be a little nerve-wracking for our leasing teams. This makes it very timely to remember to show our existing residents the love. By reminding them of their value, it helps us hold on the the residents we do have.

  Jen Piccotti

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