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Custom 3D Modeling: When To Know If It Is Right For Your Property

We often times get asked how much does it cost to add virtual tours, 3D floor plans, or photo-realistic renderings to our property's portfolio. To help with this question we've made a tool.

When it comes to 3D modeling there are typically two types of vendors: Custom 3D Modeling/Rendering Firms & Out-Of-The-Box Solutions (like floorplanner.com or 3dplans.com). While the Out-Of-The-Box solutions are often times cheaper, you dont always have the ability to accurately represent your space. These solutions are often limited in terms of finishes, selections, materials, furnishings, etc. Custom 3D modeling on the other hand allows you to control every square inch of your unit or spaces design, ultimately better representing what they will look like when construction is complete. Here are three ways to tell if custom 3D modeling is right for your team.

  1. Your Property Is Still Being Built/Under Construction
    • We have found that this is the best time to add custom 3D Modeling assets to your portfolio. Why? Because it is quite literally impossible to showcase your spaces any other way. Custom 3D modeling gives you the ability to the match finishes, furnishings, materials, fixtures, and more that your team has decided to use months before construction has been completed.
    • Once these assets are created you are free to add them to ILS, like apartmets.com, Zillow, and more to start building out your pre-leasing lists.
  2. Renovations & Additions
    • Much like the point above, it is extremely hard to show something that is being built or is not yet built. Showing your new gym or new floor plan layout in the way it is intended is something that is super important for future renters.
  3. Your Brand Matters 
    • Not saying that if you use out-of-the-box solutions your brand doesn't matter. What we are saying is that if close enough isn't good enough for your 3D floor plans then custom 3D modeling is the way to go. While you may not need tours or renderings having high quality floor plans on your website that accurately represent your spaces, aesthetics, etc. is important when trying to connect with your intended audiences. 

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