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Everyone Needs a VIP Sash

Recently, on a trip to my home state of Wisconsin, I found myself with a few extra hours and an opportunity for lunch with my old college roommate (and maid of honor and godmother to my oldest), Katie.  It was one of those impromptu opportunities that you just know before you get there is going to be fun, fun fun.  Not to mention, Katie is hilarious.

As usual, both of us were running late, and we didn’t get to the restaurant in Oshkosh until after 1pm, so the sparse crowds didn’t surprise us.  Heck, it’s par for the course, these days.  That actually may have been a good day. Our server was Lisa and she quickly got a handle on our wild and raucous entrance by letting us know if we signed up to be VIP’s we would receive a substantial discount on our lunch.  No catch.  Just sign up.  Of course we did, and Katie wanted to know when she would get her VIP sash, that is, unless there was a crown available, then she would prefer that.  We all laughed and continued on with the VIP humor until I am sure most were nauseated listening to us.  During lunch Lisa informed us that it was her last day, and she was about to start her career as a social worker in Wausau. I’m sure it is a very exciting and stressful time for her, and looking around the restaurant, probably a financially challenging one as well.

Needless to say, it was a long lunch.  Like most close friends that don’t see each other often, Katie and I had a lot to talk about.  Somewhere after lunch and before dessert, Lisa appeared with two (handmade with loving care) VIP sashes.  She made a big production of presenting them to us, and of course we proudly donned them and wore those paper sashes through lunch.  It was a lunch I will never forget.

People like Lisa know how to make every customer feel like a VIP, and inherently understand how to enhance an experience and exceed expectations.  Lisa knew, because of the type of people my friend and I are, that we would wear the sashes and would think she had gone “over the top” for us.  Others might not have found it as meaningful.  She knew that too.  The point is, she responded to our needs and expectations of what great service should be and she delivered.

Today, for one day, commit that each client you serve will get VIP treatment, whatever that means to him or her. Get creative. Watch what happens.  
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Sounds like your server felt you both were playful enough by providing a safe environment to experiment with a great contribution toward you two. So, kudos to the two of you to provide the opening for something like that can occur in the heart & mind of another!

  Kathleen Silver

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