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Five Benefits to Paperless Parking

Five Benefits to Paperless Parking

More and more companies every day are switching to paperless parking solutions, whether it be a condo or HOA, multifamily complex, or a business center. Not surprising either, considering the many advantages. Here are just five ways you can benefit with paperless parking permits.

Environmentally Friendly

Everyone is concerned about the environment nowadays, and rightfully so. Reducing paper waste, reducing deforestation and pollution, etcetera. The worries and struggles of endlessly printing out paper and stickers for residents and their guests will be totally negated, contributing to the elimination of the paper waste. This change will make a substantial difference for every leasing and management office.

Ease of Access & Use

Not only can going paperless can earn you points for being more environmentally conscious, it will save you time from having to issue and re-issue parking permits over the span of a day. You won't have to keep your binder full of hang tags anymore. And, just think of the never-ending task to record and keep track of vehicles associated with those hang tags. The burdens associated with distributing physical parking permits are phased out once you switch to a paperless parking system. Especially when it comes to guest parking; residents and guests will now have 24/7 access to purchase their parking permits, allowing communities to maximize on ancillary revenue even when the office is closed.

Resident Satisfaction

Our quality of life can be greatly improved upon in the digital world. This no doubt includes paperless parking permits, where residents or guests have less to concern themselves over, when it comes to displaying physical hang tags or stickers, in favor of a digital parking solution. Formerly the guest or resident would find themselves allocating time on keeping track of their parking stickers or hang tags, confirming they are in the correct position, or ensuring that they would not lose it, or misplace it. Today, we all want instant gratification and it is no different when it comes to parking. When you make the process to receive a parking permit easier with paperless parking solutions, your resident satisfaction will improve.

Financially Beneficial for User & Owner

This may be the most important pay off in a paperless parking solution for a lot of people. Understandably so! For a business complex, HOA community, or multifamily property, reducing printing and purchasing of paper products saves money immediately. Subtract all physical items invested into, place it all into one digital solution, and watch the savings. In addition to the owner saving money, this applies to residents and guests as well. For example, a resident misplaces their hang tag or parking permit sticker. Originally, under a system using physical parking components, if the community charges a replacement fee, the resident has to now pay this fee. So again, a digital parking solution cooperates with both saving money for everyone and ensuring overall satisfaction.

Modernization & Future Reliability

A system that functions entirely off a digital platform, such as our smart parking solution, ensures long lasting reliability and longevity. The massively expanding digital world allows incredibly expeditious updates and improvements to practically any system in place. Any development or enhancements thought of can be implemented at ease, and at a rapid pace. These are just a few ways to improve your parking through technology while reducing waste.

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