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Four Hundred Posts Strong

We posted our 400th post at the Urbane Life Blog yesterday, pretty cool, but what does that mean? Well, for starters, we have increased our Digital Foot Print by Four Hundred Times for Urbane Brand.

But it is more than (400) posts, in addition Google has indexed our pages (749) times, and we have been linked to (649) times?

Does Anyone Care
Apparently Prospects and Renters care, as The Proof is in the Numbers;
  • Web Site Traffic UP 108%
  • Physical Traffic/Tours UP 54%
  • Rentals UP 69%
But How To Do It
Most property management companies have web sites for each of their apartment communities. However, they stop there, with a static, never changing web presence. When is the last time you changed, edited or added new content to your web site? Has it been days, months or years?

Anything less than days, and you are missing huge marketing benefits. Google responds favorably to new, fresh, relevant content. Not changing, editing or adding to your web site content puts Google to sleep.

Admittedly , unless you have a Content Management System, changing content on your web site is a challenge, even with products such as Adobe Contribute. But, with a blog you can change content easily. Is a blog the same thing as your apartment community web site, well no, BUT it can and will help your apartment community web site with some Google Juice, by creating links and keyword tags.
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Hi Morgan, You touch on an excellent point, Consistency, which can be a real challenge with all of the things pulling at our time, but until we committed the resources to regular and consistent posts the blog sputtered along

  Eric Brown

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