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Getting Instagram photos off your phone and into your office!

With the rise in popularity of Instagram, some innovative companies have developed very creative ways to get pictures off of Instagram and into your (and your potential residents’) hands…  From photo books (great to highlight community activities, showing off the fun environment you create) to individual prints and posters (to help show off local sights and what’s happening in the neighborhood) – plus some other creative formats – there are plenty of ways to display your community’s Instagram photos. 
Photobook from Keepsy

Printstagr.am appears to be the most comprehensive website as far as the products they offer.  Photo books and prints are their mainstay, but they also offer a 365-day tear-away calendar (each day is one of your photos!), greeting card sets, stickers, buttons, and t-shirts. 

PostalPix  is an app-based way to print four-inch squares from your Instagram library for only 30 cents each. Other sizes are also available, including two-, five-, and eight-inch-square prints. Available for both iPhone and Android, this app is a great place to start for basic Instagram prints.
Print your own at home or at your local print shop with Prinkl, which allows you to create a .pdf collage of your photos that is printable from anywhere.
Keepsy and Blurb both also offer photo books, while Keepsy also will print a traditional 12- or 18-month calendar with your photos.
Boo Boxes by Hatchcraft
For a high-end, custom look in displaying your photos, try a gallery-style canvas or a handcrafted bamboo frame. CanvasPop creates a high-resolution 12- or 20-inch-square stretched canvas print for $40 and $114, respectively. Multiple canvases would make an impressive art vignette. Boo Box byHatchcraft places four-inch Instagram photos in bamboo shadowbox frames beginning at $20, making a gorgeous option to display in your leasing office.

Tile from ImageSnap
Other fun options to print Instagram photos include:

 Instagoodies prints favorite Instagram photos into books of one-inch stickers.Sticky9  (formerly Stickygram) offers magnets, phone cases, and iPad covers.ImageSnap crafts ceramic tiles ranging from two-inch ($4) to 12-inch ($35) squares. Tiles can be installed with mortar and grout just like normal tiles, though the tiny sizes make for perfect refrigerator magnets. Artflakes takes your Instagram pics and whips them into vinyl four-inch stickers in packs of 10 or more.Casetagram creates a custom case for your device - iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5, iPad, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note I, Note II and more. Instalab offers many of the same options as other companies with prints, booklets, magnets, stickers, and calendars, but also offers an inexpensive wood panel print that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

Please remember that at any resident event, you should always have a sign that tells people photographs and videos may be taken which can be used in the public domain.
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