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Google+ Neglect

Alright. Confession time: How many of you haven’t touched your Google+ profile since 2011? Go in Peace. You are forgiven. *Unless* that is, you have neglected your Google+ Business Page. The opportunities awaiting you in Google+ are far too great to be forsaken.

Recent changes at Google have broad SEO implications, opening up a new world of possibilities for businesses that take notice. Last month’s announcement of Search Your World Plus marks a dramatic shift in the future of search engines; a future in which search engines understand the unique individual on the other side of the screen. The people at Google recognize that “best search results” are different for each person, and they’re transforming Google Search to be able to provide its users with personalized content. A large part of how they do this, is by garnering information found within the online communities that people belong. According to Google's chief engineer, Amit Singhal, “...behind most every query is a community.” And they’re modifying the nature of Google Search to reflect this concept.
For businesses seeking to enhance their presence on Google Search, this means becoming a valuable member of those influential online communities. And here are some of the ways you do that:
(1) Start a Google+ Business page (if you haven’t already) - It’s imperative that you claim your homestead in the online community with a Google+ Business Page. With Search Your World Plus, results are shamelessly preferential towards Google+ Business Pages, and that’s preference you need in your favor.

(2) Install a Google +1 button on your Website - With a Google +1 button on your website, you allow the online community to express their feelings for you, and Google values that!

(3) Be social - Google+ is all about connecting with one another. With your Google+ Business Page, you do that by sharing your thoughts, links, and photos. Google+ craves real, organic conversation and can smell spam like you fried it up with eggs and toast for Sunday brunch.

How has your company been using Google+? I love to hear your experiences.


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