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Great Use of Instagram by an Apartment Community


I absolutely love this use of Instagram for an apartment community!  


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J Turner Research reports that 83% of renter are looking for WIFI! Why can't you simply add one more account on the internet server in your office to your property name and make it unsecured? Wouldn't people in the office then be able to log on and get service - would this make your office a WIFI hotspot for FREE? If you have internet service - you can make it WIFI! Add a few magazine subscriptions like Fast Company, MacWorld and Technology Review to your clubhouse and anyone walking in is going...
You will hear it again and again in 2010 – what started out as a simple and subtle tap on the window has become a crashing of such proportions that you can not ignore it anymore. Business as we know it has changed and like it or not social mediums are here to stay. The question for the coming year is, will you embrace change [embrace engagement] or will you be comfortable with irrelevance? Harvard Business Publishing posted a story titled: The Uber-Connected Organization: A Mandate for ...
'Does social media turn into leads and leases?' Customers ask me this question a lot, and I have to say 'probably not.' Other than Craigslist (which isn't technically social media) and generating resident referrals through posts, social media generally doesn't create leads. We track leads for about 400 client communities, and our data shows that six social media-based leads per community per year is a good number. Why? Prospective residents seem to prefer doing old-fashioned legwor...