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Great Use of Instagram by an Apartment Community


I absolutely love this use of Instagram for an apartment community!  


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Considering many of you are on MySpace, Facebook, and of course, Multifamily Insiders, you are essentially on the forefront of technology when it comes to the multifamily industry. Some of you might have heard about the latest and greatest social networking tool/site out there called Twitter. For those of you who aren't indoctrinated into Twitterland yet, here is a quick summary: Twitter is basically a quick post of 140 characters of what you are doing at this very second. Instead of taking the ...
I want to throw something out there and get some opinions on how you think apartment communities should deal with their residents/prospects through social media. Specifically, should the contact be made by the community or the staff members within the community? For example, do you want to hear from "Heather, Manager at XYZ Community" or do you want to hear from "XYZ Community"? I'm torn on this concept, although I have admittedly not spent that much time pondering the issue....
In the many conversations at the few (although innovative) property management blogs, we've talked about using social media in different circumstances - in this case, using social media to monitor your company's reputation, reacting to those posts to provide excellent customer service, and even leading the conversation in a positive way when it comes to your company. This article is great about discussing two out of three of these uses: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/services/2008-05-20-...