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Having a Grout Time!

Grout usually blends into the background like a little wallflower. And that is good, sometimes. However there is so much more design that we are leaving on the table when we blend in. Why not contrast your grout to zhuzh up your room? Meaning improvement of an appearance by way of a slight adjustment.

Got a tile job coming up? Grout minds think alike! Why not choose to stand out with grout? 
Have you seen the latest on the market? Glitter grout. Shimmering and shining with a subtle effervescence. Grout Gatsby! 
My three go-to colors for almost any contrasting tile and grout spec are:
Bright White
Natural Gray
And Black. 

I have Grout Expectations that you will be thrilled with the outcome as long as your installer provides: color consistency, spreadability, and coverage beyond a reasonable grout! 



Goodness gracious, Grout Balls of Fire ☄️ remember you can use sanded for ceramic and porcelain. And please use unsanded grout for glass tiles and metals. 

Before you spec this, make sure you get it blessed by The Grout Father or Alexander the Grout in purchasing. 
Ain’t no grout about it. Contrasting grout is where it’s at friends. 
I need to stop. I can’t help myself! I am Mrs Groutfire
Okay enough already. 
Have a grout day,
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Drop your grout pun here friends....

  Tracy Daves

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