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How Call Scoring is Changing the Leasing Process

How Call Scoring is Changing the Leasing Process

Call scoring has fast become the tool that multifamily executives are searching for when considering lead management platforms. It’s no secret why. Call scoring data can easily identify how well your team is interacting with every incoming prospect on a rated scale - transforming the way property and portfolio managers are now looking at leasing analytics.

When it comes to leasing effectiveness, a cloudy barrier has long stood between managers and their leasing teams. Thanks to multifamily technology advancements, it looks like the wall is finally beginning to crumble. For teams using lead management platforms that don’t include call scoring, identifying performance deficits and proficiencies can be extremely difficult because of outdated and unreliable metrics (ex: closing percentage, appointment setting ratio, etc.). Inaccurate data in the CRM process leads to inadequate performance conclusions.

Call scoring metrics are visibly upgrading the productivity and performance of leasing teams while also evolving current employee training strategies.  


How Does Call Scoring Work?

Call scoring metrics give multifamily organizations a consistent, monitored pulse on the performance of their leasing teams by having a live agent “score” 100% of calls - instantaneously boosting call quality. By having a third party responsible for the scoring, an unbiased performance analyzation is used to drive actionable decision-making by the leasing staff.

Through the live call scoring process, interactions are quickly identified as a prospect or non-prospect communication. Key qualifying questions (such as: asking for name, move-in date, floor plan preference, appointment) are then identified and recorded to ensure consistency in call quality.


Great News - No More Leasing Guesswork

“How is my leasing team performing at every stage of the leasing process?”

This question has eluded property and portfolio managers for decades now. Metrics like follow-up activities, closing ratios, and one-off phone shoppers’ reports are misleading in nature and disguise underlying concerns that can spill over for months - costing you efficiency, reputation, and revenue.

While some communities have call recordings available to them, they are limited in effectiveness. Even with the ability to listen to every leasing professional’s call, property and portfolio managers still don’t have the time to assess and dissect each prospect conversation. By putting this in the hands of someone else, you are taking the guesswork out of leasing effectiveness.

Perhaps one of the best features of implementing a lead management platform with call scoring capabilities is the idea that it gives onsite and offsite management visibility into the current state of the leasing team. This is music to the ears of portfolio/regional managers everywhere as they try and stay up to speed with portfolio-wide analytics.



FINALLY! True Performance Visibility

Establishing a sales process standard for your leasing professionals is only effective if there is an accountability metric set in place. Ensure proper prospect qualifying by keeping score of key qualifying questions being asked by your team such as: the name of the prospect, potential move-in date, floor plan preference, lease term and appointment – in addition to how frequently your team is asking these questions (0-100%).

Call scoring capabilities filter out callers that are not looking to lease as well as prospects that don’t meet qualifying criteria. In the case of an objection being presented on the call that would eliminate the ability of  your team to set an appointment (i.e. pricing, availability, or another disqualifying factor like the acceptability of pets or section 8 housing for the community), that would not factor into his/her overall performance data.

These “scores” will help you track performance trends over time and compare relative performance across individual leasing professionals on your teams. You have the ability to define thresholds or acceptable and unacceptable ranges of scores for your team based on your organization’s standards.



The Best Part: It's Also A Training Platform

By essentially combining a lead management platform with an autonomous training tool, you are eliminating any holes that may exist in your leasing, sales, and customer service processes.  

Here are seven training benefits that will come with your organization’s move to a call-scoring platform.

1. Pinpoint strength and weaknesses in leasing performance

2. Allow for individual/team coaching and feedback

3. Facilitate goals and standards

4. Track progress on a granular level

5. Expedite leasing skill building, training, and development

6. Promote a learning and progression-focused environment

7. Improve call quality through customer service and satisfaction

Finally, you can measure how well you are truly fulfilling your customer's needs. Because call scoring allows you to gauge your employees’ performance, you can train them to get better in the areas that aren’t up to par. Additionally, you’ll know what to look for when you are hiring new employees.


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