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How Charlesgate is Using Access Control to Improve Maintenance Efficiency, Reduce Package Theft, and Wow Prospects


Our industry is struggling to find maintenance talent, so the last thing we want to do when trying to keep up with service requests and preventative maintenance is to waste our team’s time.  Not only is it throwing time down the drain, but it also frustrates the maintenance techs who can’t be as efficient as they’d like.  I sat down with Todd Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management at Charlesgate Realty Group, to talk about how access control helped create more efficient maintenance strategies, reduce package theft, and improve leasing success through showcasing “quality signals” to prospects by using systems like ButterflyMX.  This interview covers strategies for not only new construction, but also existing properties, as well as companies with a dispersed portfolio. 

How do we pick companies to talk to?

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This was a fascinating conversation, Brent. Thanks for sharing it. Access control and package control can both be migraine-inducing. It's really fascinating to see how Todd and his team at Charlesgate Realty Group are making it work.

This convo sent me down memory lane to a place that will make you cringe: I remember starting at a community as the new Property Manager many moons ago and the carpet cleaning vendor came in and gave me the set of master keys he had, saying "I suppose you're gonna want these back..." Um, YES!

  Kara Rice
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WOAH! I had a similar incident as a hotel guest one time. They were having all sorts of problems with the machine that encoded the keycards so we couldn't get into our room. So the maintenance guy, who was about to leave for the night, decided in his infinite wisdom to just give us the master key! I guess I look trustworthy?

  Brent Williams

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