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How Do I Stop Sharing Price Too Early with a Prospect?

This week I discuss how to deal with people like me, developing trust, why you shouldn’t share price too early, how to take control on the phone, and what to do with people that need to “think about it.”

Episode 18 – Dealing with Dominant Personalities

A dominant behavior style can be challenging to deal with sometimes. Today I share some ideas to help you deal with people like me. :)


Episode 19 – Developing Trust

No one likes to be sold. You must build trust with your prospects. I share some ideas on building trust in today's episode.


Episode 20 – Sharing Price Too Early

Price is an important factor, but you need to figure out the motivations of the customer before your share your price.


Episode 21 – Taking Control on the Phone

If you've ever found yourself just answering the customer's questions, then this episode is for you.


Episode 22 – Handling Excuses

Before you let them walk out the door, drill down on that excuse they just gave you. I share some ideas on this today.


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We've heard many success stories regarding using Craigslist to find prospects, but what about using their job postings as a springboard to new leases with strong companies? I had a community approach me recently discussing how their market was very tourist driven, which was experiencing a significant downturn. Residents who left often left because of a new job elsewhere. But it's likely that there are still hirings in some aspects of the market, even if the market overall is struggling. So if yo...
Urbane has once again shown me why I'm a true "fanboy" of theirs. I'm scrolling down my MySpace page when I notice a new picture in my top friends area, with "Urbane Apartments" right above it. It's not a picture of their hip, modern communities, but rather three (attractive) women. They truly understand that they aren't selling just a physical space, they are selling a lifestyle. And check out their new layout - it's pretty trippy: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac...
Are business centers in Class A properties a waste? The more $400 to $500 computers I see, I really wonder how useful a business center is to your property. Of course, actual usage data might tell a whole different story, but it seems as though it's just duplicating something people already have, for the most part. Now, some communities really go all out with their fax, copier, and meeting room capabilities, and I can see how having a truly state-of-the-art facility might make a difference in re...