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How to Lease More Apartments and Renew More Residents, Now

Those of you who know me or know me by reading this blog know that I am an extremely voracious reader. It's not unusual for me to read 2-3 books a week, especially if I am traveling to the west coast from Chicago. Those flights are perfect for cranking through a good book, business or otherwise.

Even if you hate to read business books, I strongly recommend that you read business biographies and autobiographies. When I read about successful people, one of my favorite things is when they tell you what has made them successful in their career and personal lives. Often, it's something that you can implement right away which can have an immediate impact on your career and personal life.

Most people know about Mary Kay, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  A quick bio from her company website, http://www.marykay.com/:

When facing new and daunting tasks, her mother encouraged her with, "You can do it, Mary Kay. You can do it." Mary Kay Ash did more than embrace this empowering spirit - she passed it on through a remarkable company that would inspire millions in generations to come.

That company story didn't begin until Mary Kay Ash faced a situation all too familiar to women. After 25 years in the direct selling business, Mary Kay Ash resigned her position as a national training director when yet another man she had trained was promoted above her - at twice her salary. Her response was visionary. At first, she started writing a book that would help women gain the opportunities she had been denied. But soon she realized she was creating a plan that would do much more than give advice. It formed the foundation for a new opportunity where women could develop their talents and achieve unlimited success.

One of the keys to her success: Imagining that every single person she encountered had a sign around their neck that said:


When I share this story in my training seminars and presentations, the same thing always happens; a hush falls over the room. Why is that? Two main reasons.

1. When we meet people in our daily lives, this doesn't happen. Sometimes, it feels like we are wearing a sign that says ‘Make Me Feel Inadequate'.

2. We don't follow Mary Kay's simple rule either. We don't make people feel important either. And it's such a simple rule to follow.

So I challenge you to do this, starting the instant you read this. Envision everyone you meet as having the sign around their neck that says, "Make Me Feel Important". And let me know how it goes!

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That sounds like a great book! I'll have to add it to my reading list as well.

Thanks for the recommendation Lisa!

  Heather Blume
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Thanks Heather! Another great bio is the story of Abraham Lincoln: Team of Rivals. It's really an incredible story of how to manage a team. Lincoln 'got it' long before anyone else did, I truly believe. Add that to your list as well!

  Lisa Trosien

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