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How you can you make the leasing process one that builds trust and value?

My apologies to my blog followers. I haven’t been consistent in sharing these weekly updates for The Leasing Show.  Here are 4 weeks worth of shows for you to dig into.  Really appreciate you listening. 

Episode 23 – What is mutual mystification?

In this episode I talk about the importance of eliminating mutual mystification. Stop making assumptions that everyone thinks the same way.



Episode 24 – Getting a No is OK

You should be on a mission to build credibility and trust. What better way than to make sure the customer knows it's OK to say no.


Episode 25 – Time is a Critical Agreement

As I highlighted in episode 24, we're here to build credibility and trust. If you are not discussing time with a customer than you are putting the relationship at risk.


Episode 26 – Stop Spilling Your Candy in the Lobby

Shout out to Tim Roberts @TrustPointe for introducing me to this concept. It seems so obvious, but new technology and old school sales training has us spilling all our candy. Have a question for the show? #LeasingShow on Twitter or message me online somewhere.


Episode 27 – What does expensive mean to you?

It's important to understand what expensive means to you because you must understand that it's nowhere near the same for everyone else. If you have a question or topic idea for the #LeasingShow tweet @theaptnerd or message me online somewhere.


Episode 28 – Are you ready to ask questions?

I'm not much of a planner, but I am a practitioner. Whether you plan it out or you practice, practice, practice, you need to have a strategy for how you are going to ask questions.


Episode 29 – Roommates and Couples

There's always a leader in the group, but you know both opinions count. What's your strategy with Roommates and Couples?


Episode 30 – Family Ties

It can be difficult to find time to practice, but maybe you can test your leasing skills on your family.


Episode 31 – Do you dare use reverse psychology?

Striplines or a negative reverse is not being manipulative. It's helping the customer make a decision.


Episode 32 – Are you providing a Home or selling a space?

No one likes to be sold. No one! How you can you make the leasing process one that builds trust and value?


Episode 33 – Dealing With a Detailed Customer

Many leasing professionals have an outgoing personality, but how do you need to adjust to deal with a customer that is more introverted and detail oriented? 


Episode 34 – Are commissions a motivator?

Today's question comes in from @mbrewer The Apartment Hacker. Commissions and bonuses are common in our profession, but are they critical motivators?


Episode 35 – I Don’t Have One Available

It's a great problem to have, but it drives me crazy that so many leasing professionals turn people away so quickly without even attempting to help them.


Episode 36 – Use Your Magic Wand

It's a great question to ask, and a great way to practice.


Episode 37 – You can do better than your “people skills.”

It's tough to get in the moment, but just like the best athletes in the world you have to prepare to be the best leasing professional in the world.


Episode 38 – When to talk about price with revenue management.

Thanks for the questions from @cdrusk in today's episode. He's curious what a good strategy is for talking price when you have a revenue management pricing system.


Episode 39 – Are you a good listener?

This is something I have to catch myself on and practice. You should too.


Episode 40 – What are you doing for referrals?

Pro tip: The fee amount has less impact than you believe. Stop wasting you money with high referral fees.


Episode 41 – Dealing With an Extrovert

As a DISC profile high I myself, this episode gives you tips on dealing with those highly extroverted customers.


Episode 42 – Setting a UFC Via Text

Texting customers can be a powerful tool in your leasing belt, but don't treat it like email. 



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