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I Won't Rent at a Place That Doesn't Have...

I don't want to call this 'the wish list'. I want to call it the "vitally important list" for properties. Yes, I know this will vary by location, but let's put together  a list of what we hear as the 'must haves' from the majority of our prospective renter clients, shall we? 

I'll start with a few things I wouldn't go without:


  1. Wi fi (It doesn't have to be free, but it has to be available)
  2. Double sinks in the kitchen
  3. Microwave
  4. Washer & dryer (or amazing community laundry)
  5. Pets allowed
  6. Ability to pay online AND charge my rent to my credit card 



What do you HAVE to HAVE? Or what do your renters have on their 'must list'? 

 Lisa Trosien is an award winning multifamily consultant, degreed educator and speaker with over 20 years of industry experience in positively impacting  apartment communities' bottom line . Contact her via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Lisa, Good Evening
As a developer of Rehab Properties, for both our own company at Urbane Apartments, and my tenure of Rehabbing at Village Green, We don't install or retrofit Washers and Dryers in most apartment units.

Why, The Cost verses the additional Income doesn't work. We only have a small handful of units with W/D in our portfolio, and no plans to change direction unless the prospect decides to pay more for that amenity.

  Eric Brown
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Actually, After looking more closely at the list, We have never used double bowl sinks (at Urbane or Village Green), and never will, nor have we ever installed microwaves, other than as Value Adds, Cost verses Reward,

  Eric Brown
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You know, living in the place I am now, I'd have to add two items: central heating/air, and insulation. For some reason folks in California think that both are optional, which means that summers are hotter and winters are colder indoors than out! Very weird.

If I move anytime soon, the new place had better also have dedicated parking spaces. I hate having to fight for spots

  Sara Morrill
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Hi Eric:

Thanks for your comments. I don't think I am in your demographic (family of four, two kids)so what I want is basically irrelevant to you. I do, however, think that you should consider microwaves if you have limited countertop space in your apartments. People like extra space and the convenience of the built in. But if you can't get the extra rental dollars out of it, why would you?

Thanks again for your comments.


  Lisa Trosien
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"Security Gates" - that's what they call them at least!

  Brent Williams
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Here is my list:

1) Washer/Dryer in unit (I don't want just a hookup)
2) Pets allowed (breed limits okay, but size limits not)
3) Garage available
4) LAP pool (I do not want just an irregular shaped hole in the ground, must be a normal square/rectangle shape at least 25 yards in length)
5) The choice between cable TV and satellite via a common connection.
6) Patio/balcony area large enough to support a propane grill.
7) Online rent payment without incurring an additional charge ( I do not want to have to PAY a fee to spend my OWN money); prefer a discount on rent for doing so.
The ability to paint walls a color other than white, even if I have to provide my own paint before I move in. If unit is not currently ready, but will be when I need to move in; the unit will need to be repainted anyway, how hard is it to tell the paint crew to use a different paint than normal?

  Johnny Karnofsky
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How about DEEP sinks in the kitchen? 8 inch deep sinks are a turn off for a LOT of people.

I also have to have a full sized washer and dryer. None of this three pants constitutes a load stackables from the 1980s stuff.

Pet friendly for big dogs is a no brainer. I won't part with Fox for any apartment, no matter how amazing.

I need parking and enough potential parking so that when I throw a Halloween or Holiday party, people don't have to park six blocks away.

And I've got to have natural light. There's so little sun in Seattle in the first place, that it seems asinine not to capitalize on what you've got. Gimme those big windows Baby!

  Heather Blume
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For me: All the items on your list are on my list too, so to prevent duplication, I won't re-list them here. These are in addition to your list, in no particular order:
1.) Good natural lightening. 2.) LOTS of closet space including WIC in master 3.) LOCATION 4.) I don't want to be able to hear my neighbors. 5.) Friendly staff 6.) A sense of Secure

  Daisy Nguyen
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Great ideas!!! I would include in my list outstanding maintenance service. Not just good - great!!

  Laura Bruyere
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I'll throw in here too: Re: windows... I won't want them to be just big and bright, I don't want drafts. Seal them people! Or get new ones! I can deal with no microwave. I can deal with no assigned parking. I just can't deal with the fact that I have to buy ample blankets for guests who sit in my Living Room by a window...
What I hear from residenst is closet space closet space closet space. The fact that we have ample parking, good location, outdoor patio and storage space as well as good natural light - all gravy.

  Tara Smiley
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