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Ideas for Father’s Day at Your Community

Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s a great opportunity to do something special for the Dads in your community.  Most people will want to spend the day with their children, so try one of these fun activities in the days leading up to Father’s Day.

Tie Drive 

It can be easy for Dads to roll their eyes at another tie for Father’s Day, but not all Dads are so lucky.  Host a Tie Drive at your apartment community to collect work clothes for those who are less fortunate.  Something as simple as a dress shirt and tie can give someone the confidence they need to go into a job interview.  Bring the entire community together by inviting other local businesses to participate and really make a difference this Father’s Day.

You’re the Best, Pop

Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I have found lots of great Father’s Day crafts, including this one.  Put together gift tags that say You’re the Best, Pop!  You can get really creative with the tags and cut them into shapes like ties, basketballs or briefcases.  Then fasten the tags onto pop bottles and bags of popcorn.  Hand the snacks and drinks out for free to all of the Dads in your community this week.  Check out other fun craft ideas on my Father’s Day Pinterest board.

Card Making

Although gifts from your community are much appreciated, every Dad really looks forward to the homemade presents from their children.  Organize a Father’s Day card making activity in your community room for all the little ones to come and get creative.  Provide construction paper, markers, glue, scissors and lots of ideas for fun cards.  You can even set up an area to take photos of the children with a message written to their Dad on a chalkboard.  Then print out of the photos for them to include in their card.

Are you planning anything special at your community for Father’s Day?  Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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Super cute idea with the "POP"! I'm "borrowing" this, Okay? Thanks for your post!

  Mindy Sharp
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Haha borrow away, Mindy! Thank you for commenting.

  Kerry Sugrue

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