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Rock Star Leasing 101

Rock Star Leasing tips from the experts of Leasing Angels, Inc.

If You're Not A ROCK STAR Yet ... What Are You Waiting For??!! - Top 3 MUST DOs Right Now!

What is the most important aspect in the apartment leasing process?


Take your time ... I'll wait. :-)

Answer: It is the understanding of how awesome of a position you're really in ever before a prospect walks through your door, chimes your email or rings your phone ... There has be to some sort of "awesome sauce" flowing within you that makes you feel extra bubbly surrounding your ability to make people feel at home.

So with that being said, lets dive right in.

Must Do #1: Identify Your Own Personal "Whys" - Find Your Motivation

Regardless of the reasoning behind your "whats" that has put you into this particular driver's seat, you if no one else does, have to understand why you're where you are in these very moments. Whether it be for the bi-weekly income, the opportunities of the industry, you love to help people, you love the discounted rent aspect, etc. you have to know your own personal "why". Once your "why" has been identified, then and only then will you be able to own it and build yourself to Rock Star status because of it.

So for sakes sake, let's just say that you've identified your personal "why" as solely for financial gain. There is nothing wrong with this by any means. Your next question should be, "how do I build myself to Rock Star status with this newfound understanding?" Easy: your motivation is for financial gain ... the more satisfied residents you attain = more financial attainment. Got it?! You simply have to identify your own personal "why" to better understand the road you'll need to take toward becoming that Rock Star Leasing Professional its going to take to achieve your goal of financial attainment.

Now lets take on the "you love the discounted rent aspect" for size. I know what you're thinking, I should've chosen "you love to help people" BUT the problem with that one is that its a no brainer - if you "love helping people" then being a ROCK STAR Leasing Professional should come natural to you.

Alright, back to the concept at hand ... So you love the discounted rent aspect huh??? I did too ... it was pretty darn awesome! Your next question should be, "how do I build myself to Rock Star status with this newfound understanding?" Another easy one: You've identified your motivation as being a discounted apartment ... the more satisfied residents you attain = the continued attainment of discounted rent.

Must Do #2: Find Your "Happy" Place

Genuine actions come from within ... the more lacked genuine action, the more lacked genuine return.

The honest to goodness truth of the matter for me is that my "happy place" is the excitement I get toward the pure service of  helping people lost, find direction.

What's yours ROCK STAR?

Must Do #3: Knowledge Is Key

What foolish Eskimo in Alaska has ever bought ice from the store without being given a pretty darn good reason, especially when there's ice clearly all around him - and its free?

Put yourself in that Eskimo's snow boots ... In order to sell, you have to first know:

  • Know and understand whom you're selling to
  • Know and understand their individual needs outside of their wants, but
  • Know and understand your community through and through
  • Know and understand your competition

Once you have knowledge of the listed with a complete understanding of your Must Do's 1; 2, then and only then will that Eskimo in Alaska buy your ice.

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