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Instant Engagement with Instagram!

A new mobile app emerges what seems like almost every day. Some are flops (we’re not pointing fingers) and some are instant hits like Instagram.  You've more than likely seen a photo published via Instagram without knowing it. People and brands alike are using the app in droves because of the revolutionary filters that transform a standard photo into a professionally edited image. What makes this app extremely user friendly is the streamlined social sharing functionality, which allows users to share photos to various social networks seamlessly.

Here are five reasons you should get started with Instagram.
1.  Instagram is a great tool for publishing photos taken with your smart phone as potential residents rely heavily on images in the decision making process.
2.  Since the app works best from mobile devices, it fits seamlessly into a busy community manager’s routine.
3.  The filter/border combinations are endless- making each photo unique.
4.  Push notifications, likes, @mentions and #hashtags  are similar to the experience of Twitter and Facebook. 
5.  The app is integrated with major social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and others.  With this integration available, see How Facebook is Empowering Page Administrators. 

Mashable offers a user-friendly guide to jumpstart your experience with Instagram.
*Instagram is currently only available on Apple and Android devices.

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