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Interesting Facts!

• Studies showed the longest term residents found their apartment through a referral

• Communication Skills are: 7% Verbal, 93% Listening

• 80% of Sales are lost because the salesperson does not ask for the sale!


• Studies showed the highest turnover referral source was a Locator

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Any followers of the multifamily industry will doubtless be aware of the column inches currently being devoted to the subject of changing market conditions.  This week National Real Estate Investor announced that Manhattan renters are currently receiving record incentives as the market is flooded with new supply.  Last month the Wall Street Journal published an article about recent rent declines in Houston, New York, San Francisco and San Jose. That article no...
  Responding to internet leads in a timely manner is very important to the success of your property and company.Often employee’s don’t respond to them correctly simply because they just don’t know how to. We want to share some of our proven steps to help your employee’s respond to internet leads.   Respond:     With the correct email address Within the 1 hour of receiving the lead if possible       Avoid:     Using template...
According to an article published by industry insider Donald Davidoff for NAA (National Apartment Association), there are four key trends emerging in apartment technology that apartment executives need to be aware of. Customer Focused Business Intelligence While the quest to crunch “big data” continues on, the multifamily industry finds itself in the unique position of heading in the right direction. Techies everywhere are in the process of engineering new ways for their cu...