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Invitation To An Open House

It seems that everyone loves an open house. Realtors have portfolios with hundreds of homes for sale. A simple phone call can arrange an appointment for a home tour. But placing a sign in the front yard announcing OPEN HOUSE TODAY, creates interest. The results are significantly different than the inquiries generated by the HOME FOR SALE sign.

Open House for Multi-Family

The same principal can be effective in multifamily housing. Advertising for an open house creates a different perception.  It’s not about decorations or free food.   Having the sign on the property announcing OPEN HOUSE, creates an invitation.

For us in the real estate industry.  We know the invitation is unnecessary.  Our teams are always ready and available to lease an apartment home. But having an open house sign seems to encourage prospects who may be “just driving by” to take a few minutes out of their day for a tour of the property.

Creating Urgency

Another effective sign is APARTMENT TOURS TODAY. Again, for every manager and leasing professional, we know we give tours every day, any time of the day. But having a sign announcing tours TODAY gives “permission” to stop in without an appointment.

Another technique employed with both of these signs is the word, TODAY. Subconsciously, the word is creating a sense of urgency. You need to look at the apartment today. The sign implies that maybe a tour or the open house event is for today only. Waiting, could mean you would miss out on the opportunity for the availability of a specific apartment, the home of your dreams.

The execution and use of the signs will either enhance its effectiveness or destroy the facade. Leaving signs that advertising exclusive or limited accessibility displayed for endless days sends a louder message than the words on the sign. A forgotten sign in poor condition is equally detrimental to the advertising efforts.

“Now Leasing” signs are often placed at the entrance to apartment communities. Unless the property has just opened, and you’re announcing the property is open for business.  Now Leasing seems an unnecessary demonstration of the obvious. Why wouldn’t we be leasing?

An Open House theme adds a festive atmosphere to the leasing calendar.  Using this invitation for weekend leasing might be the answer for dreary winter weather.  Schedule your Open House soon!

If you have success moments from using an Open House theme, please share in the comments.

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  • How interesting! I really like the idea of how an "Open House" is an event, and implies a limited time opportunity to take a look around, even if we all know that isn't true at all. Love it!

  • Great thoughts here - thanks for sharing, Lori!

    We recommend that our customers consider sending out invites (via social media or email) for VIRTUAL open houses during construction. It's a great way to generate leads and create buzz around the property. If potential renters in that city have seen the construction, they often love a sneak peek! It's a great way to include them in the excitement of the progress and use that as a platform to keep them apprised of the project's timeline, amenities, etc.

  • Amanda Coogle

    We host Open House weekends at my lease ups about once a month to promote look and lease specials. We use a variety of theme such as a hot cocoa bar, Sweet Saturday with treats, and a Bubble Bar champagne bar - so the prospects can take advantage of promotions and have a fun experience at the property. We promote them via eblast, social media, and Craigslist but I didn't think about an actual Open House sign at the property - thanks for the idea!