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Winning the Competition for Renters' Attention

Winning the Competition for Renters' Attention

We live in the Age of Information Overload. Want some proof?

  • In 2006, there were 2.7 billion Google searches per month. This month? More than 100 billion (I know because I just asked Google).1
  • In 1992, the first commercial text message was sent. Now the number of texts sent everyday easily outnumbers the population of the world.2
  • Facebook, with its more than 1 billion users, would be the world's third most populous country. 5.3 billion pieces of content are shared each day.3

What does all this mean? It means that there is some serious competition for the attention of your prospects and residents, and we're not just talking about the community down the road. Each prospect or resident most likely holds in their hands or pockets a mobile device that is constantly receiving calls, tweets, emails, posts, texts, and updates.

Here are 4 guidelines to gaining a foothold in the mind of a renter

Many Channels, Same Information

Remember when there were only 4 major TV channels? Neither do I— I'm not old enough! We're all not reading the same newspaper or watching the same channel anymore. Your prospects and residents should be able to find the same information regardless of the channel that they're looking on (your website, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email etc).

Takeaway: Have a branded, uniform message available on the many channels that people are searching for you.

How Much, and How Often?

How do you connect without overloading? Be informative without being overwhelming? Dan Wilkerson on his LunaMetrics blog says it best: There is no correct answer. You have to predict, measure, and then repeat. It's obvious a rent reminder email should go out before rent week. But when is the best time to remind residents of a community activity? How many times should we send property information and follow-up to our website leads? When should we ask a resident for referrals, and how often?

Takeaway: Find out the answers yourself by testing and feedback, and refine those messages accordingly.

User Experience is Key

Your consumer WILL leave if you cause informational overload, so user experience is paramount. Have you evaluated your design and interfaces? The idea behind UX is that the content and message you are sending do not matter unless they are easily digested by the recipient. Your message needs to be a layered pyramid, with the most important info available first and obvious to the recipient. This is all part of giving renters an "Effortless Experience4."

Takeaway: Find digital solutions that offer seamless user experiences.

What Are Renters Looking For? Content Is Important

These important points of communication are general to most communities and renters:

Prospects: Residents:
  • Property Contact Info (phone, email, website, hours, etc)
  • How to Pay Rent online
  • Location/Direction/Map
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Floorplans
  • Contact information for property
  • Availability
  • Referral Solicitation
  • Photos/Videos/Media
  • Rent Reminders
  • Social Media Links
  • Emergency updates and protocol
  • Application
  • Community Event Announcements
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Move-in instructions and helpful info
  • Amenities
  • Surveys— move-in, move-out
  • Lease Renewal reminders


Takeaway: Identify what specific messages your prospects and residents need to hear.

We at RentSauce want to hear from you. What else is important that renters hear about? How often are you communicating these things to them? Leave your comments and feedback for us below.


By: Christian Allred





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As a side note to how connected people are, I just got off a cruise this morning, and it was funny to see everybody so eager to pull out their phones to get reconnected with the world.


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