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Is Your Property’s Reputation Being Flushed Down The Drain?

Is Your Property’s Reputation Being Flushed Down The Drain?

In the age of ‘everything online, all the time’, bad news spreads quickly; and residents are leveraging various online channels (BBB, Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, ApartmentRatings.com, and others) to communicate their displeasure and frustration with property issues – particularly when it comes to plumbing.

Prospective tenants are utilizing these channels to gain insight into how property management responds to requests and handles problems, before they decide where they want to live.

Repeated negative posts and reviews tarnish a property’s reputation. Sometimes all it takes is one negative review to impact your occupancy rate and for prospective tenants to look elsewhere.

To become the property of choice for new tenants, as well as to increase or maintain your current tenant retention rate, properties must now address and solve problems before they tarnish their reputation.  This includes taking proactive steps to maintain functional and problem free plumbing systems, such as using a seasonal checklist for properly maintaining your pipes.

In addition, ensure your property management staff is proactive in responding to any and all online feedback by providing timely responses and direct contact information for residents to reach out with their concerns. Not only will tenants be pleased with your property’s dedication to resolving their issues, but potential residents will see the diligence & commitment of staff to providing top-notch customer service.

Don’t let negative reviews tarnish your property’s potential. By providing a comfortable and properly functioning property for your residents while maintaining a proactive and professional customer-service model, you’ll be well on your way to keeping current and potential tenants pleased, both on the couch and on the web.

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