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It Isn't Us Against Them

A recent post online:


“I’d love to show up to a tenant’s job and cause a scene like they do in the leasing office.

Show up at your Walmart and yell at you because my eggs were cracked.

Hit other people’s buggies and say it wasn’t me.

Threaten to throw away my reward card


Get to the front of the line at check out and only pay half the bill.

Complain about how overpriced the groceries where (misspelled) and terrible store is …

Ask to “speak to the Manager”

And respond with, “Well I’m only paying half the bill because my eggs were cracked.”

We deal with so much”




Out of 62 comments (and there may be even more by this point), I don’t think there was one response that disagreed with the Poster. Many commiserated with her and joined in with agreement in earnest. I know the post was meant to relieve stress and validate her feeling of frustration. I get it.


The thing is though – we work where our Residents LIVE, in their homes, not the other way around.

What are we doing to help our onsite teams feel better, feel less bullied by some Residents, and relieve the stress as we move into high leasing season? Venting online cannot possibly be the best way to ensure our teams are cared for, being heard, and assisted in strengthening their relationship management skills.


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  • Exactly, Mindy! When I start to feel myself slide into the "us vs them" mentality (which I'm sure we're all guilty of from time to time) I remind myself - THEY are the whole reason for my job!! If every resident was "perfect" - paid on time, were quiet, never complained, no work orders, then they wouldn't need me to manage the properties. This reminds me of the MFI Webinar about a year ago, about "No Such Thing as a Problem Tenant". We are here to provide a HOME for them, and everyone deserves a comfortable home.
    It is hard though, and venting to others who can commiserate may feel better in the moment, but it does nothing to resolve the underlying stresses of this career field.

  • Thanks, Julia! Do you have any stress relieving tips you or your Corporate Office use to ease onsite teams?

  • Emerson

    I have actually seen that post and the first thing that popped into my head is exactly what you said. The second thing was, we all hate dealing with those situations however I would have to say we should be relieved that they are in our office upset. They are giving us an opportunity to correct the issue. An opportunity to show them how much we really do care and why, even though issues do come up, they should continue living at our community.

  • True. Dealing with the difficult situations allow us to grow and learn as managers, etc. The hardest thing, and I get this, is when a resident's circular thinking interferes with one's ability to communicate in a way the resident finally understands. Thank you so much for commenting, Emerson!

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