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Just Because You Think It's Right Doesn't Mean That It Is

You've seen them; those annoying Facebook quizzes and surveys. "Deb is 100% a girly girl" or "Dave wold be an oak tree if he were to come back as a tree in another life." I don't take the quizzes. But I learned something from one of them the other day. It was the, "Should toilet paper go over or under?" Talk about passion! People were definitely opinionated on this one. And come on people...we're talking toilet paper here! But then I realized: old habits die hard.

This is why I often have a hard time getting clients and audience members to change their ways and throw away the rule book on some of their 'tried and true' habits. So here's a quick sampling of old multifamily ideology that needs to go away:

1. All leases have to end on the last day of a month.

2. You must always hire someone with property management experience.

3. All apartments need to be painted in neutral colors.

4. Leasing Offices should open at 9 and close at 5 or 6.

5. Clubrooms should be highly decorated pretty places that we don't rent out to our residents.

6. Leasing Professionals should wear uniforms.

7. Leasing Professionals should NOT wear uniforms.

8. Print is dead.

9. You only need social media to rent apartments these days.

10. Current residents should never be given the current concession.

I could go on and on and on with this list. But here's my point: Broad generalizations RARELY, if EVER, work. Each and every property is as unique as the people who manage them. And if you're in a position to make decisions for your company and your property, take all the factors that affect your decision into consideration rather than just your personal opinions, values, traditions and more.

Passion is a wonderful thing, but misdirected passion just doesn't make any sense. And when you get home tonight, take the toilet paper off the spindle and put it on the other way. See if you can live with it that way for a while.  After all, it's just toilet paper.

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It's turning out to be a very busy Monday, so reading this blog came at the right time. Less rules and more adventure is a great way to move through life. Thanks Lisa

  Jonathan Saar
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Lisa - Couldn't agree more. I am a person who has come into this industry with no property management experience and there is such a huge reluctance to get outside of the box and try something new. People might be surprised at the results!

  Sharmyn Calhoun
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Very timely, Lisa. I always get good ideas when I read your comments! Thanks.

  Laurie Leli
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Lisa, your article is extra funny because I took the Facebook toilet paper quiz a couple weeks ago. When it told me that something like 85% of people believe the toilet paper goes over instead of under, I took a screenshot and sent it to Brent. You see, Brent is of the mistaken belief that the toilet paper should go under.

  Scott Schneider
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Amen, sister.

  Sondrah Laden
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I couldn't agree with you more. I have been trying for years to convince my clients and audiences that we should let the resident pick the day of the month they prefer to pay their rent, as most other industries do. Mostly, I get a "she's out of her mind" stare.
It's time.

  Lori Snider
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Hi Lisa,
I have always ended a one year lease on the end of a full year. So if a renter moves in on the 11th of the month it will be the 10th of the same month the following year. No need to have a lease at the end of a month. As for a apartment only being painted in neutral colors - this is boring! People need color in their lives to remind them that this is their home!


Janette Derbyshire

  Janette Derbyshire

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