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Leasing lessons from the "Elf on a Shelf!"

As a mother of 2 small(ish) children (7 & 4) we have an Elf on the Shelf. His name is Handy and the day after Thanksgiving I unearth him from the plastic bag, inside the tupperware, in the back of the closet on the top shelf where he lives the other 322 days of the year.
Then the fun begins. Every day I have to make sure I'm up before the kids to move Handy to a new location so he is visible, so they can see him "watching them".
Handy has got me thinking. There really are parallels between moving the elf and leasing apartments.
Here are three lessons I came out of my thoughts with.
  1. The elf is forcing me to take a look around my house and find new ways to use it.    I'm having to think of places I hadn't thought of and different ways to use things I've had a long time.  A lot of us are on the same site everyday and sometimes it's hard to remember that there are different ways to use and see the amenities and features of our homes. Have a friend come by, go on a tour with a co-worker, or walk an apartment with your service staff once in a while to get that new or fresh prospective!
  2. I have to get up before them and make sure it's done. The feeling and the faces that my kids make on the rare occasion (usually the weekend!) when Handy doesn't move, is similar to the face and feelings of a customer on a tour when there are beer cans in the bushes on the tour route, or the home they are viewing is not ready. It's the worst! Make sure to walk your tour route and check each apartment you are planning on walking that day so there are no surprises or disappointment.
  3. When I do come up with something creative, different, and fun for Handy to do, they LOVE IT. They smile, their eyes light up, and they laugh. What's better than waking up to a smile? It sets the tone for their day and they are already thinking of what he'll do next. They are unknowingly thinking about the future. We want to make people smile, laugh, and we certainly want our customers to envision their future with us, right? Get creative with your vacant homes, your models, and even your clubhouse or office. Make signs, (Sleep HERE! Eat HERE! Cook HERE!) or do fun mini models. Put fun surprises places and make a memory for them that will have them thinking about their future at your property!  

Have a lease-tastic day!

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