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Making Your Leasing Tour Stand Out: Create Fun and Excitement

People love unique and exciting experiences. Read the book"Rejuvenile" and you'll learn how much adults love fun. Some examples:

  1. #1 Vacation destination for adults: Disneyland and Disneyworld
  2. Average age of online gamers: 29
  3. Cable channel with the highest adult viewership: Cartoon Network 

In property management, you've got the opportunity to create all kinds of energy, fun and excitement in your tours. Are you? Here are some fun and PROVEN ideas to create an interactive and memorable experience:

LIVE MODELS: Hire some local theatre students, community players or just plain outgoing people to 'act' in your models. The pretend to live in the models and engage your prospects as they tour. Take my word for it - it's a blast! One bedrooms can be "Crabby Little Old Lady (or Man)". Spilt two bedroom floorplans can be "Frenemies" and one bedroom/den plans can be "Workaholic". Let your imagination run wild and create an engaging presentation.

QUIZ TIME: Tell your prospect ahead of time that they can win a discount on their first month's rent (or some other prize). All they have to do is listen to your presentation very carefully and score a 75% or higher on the 'quiz' at the conclusion of the tour. Take my word for it, it's a very fun way to make a memorable tour. The quiz must be very easy and the Leasing Professional should make sure s/he points out 'quiz questions' along the way. For example: "Our building offers 24 HOUR EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE". The prospect will realize at once that it's a quiz question. You can even offer a 'study guide' thats actually a brochure with quiz answers highlighted. Try this out and have fun with it.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Let your prospects know ahead of time that tours at your community are more like scavenger hunts, with coupons, prizes and great giveaway items hidden throughout the apartment. This works best on a rent ready vacant; you don't want them wanting everything in the furnished model and have to keep telling them 'no', do you?

Put items in cupboards, closets, in the 'fridge, freezer, dishwasher and more. (DON'T hide anything in the oven or on the stovetop, please).Tape coupons to the ceiling, behind the toilet tank and make some of the prizes be triggered by actions of the prospect. Example: if the prospect turns on the tub (to demonstrate the great water pressure), hand them a prize from your leasing kit.

MAKE A MOVIE: Give your prospects a Flip video camera to use while they tour. They video their leasing tour and you upload it to YouTube for them to share with friends and family. After a while, you'll have so many videos, you can edit them together (with only the funniest parts) and make a great property video to share on your site, on You Tube, or show in your office.

I know you all have LOTS of ways you've done this at your properties. Please share them so we can all enjoy the latest and greatest that you've done.



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MAKE A MOVIE-Wow! How great is that! Prospects always want to take photos and now we can go one step further, let them video tape! We can upload it for them and it services them and advertises for us. What a great idea!

  Michelle Metzner Pendley
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Hey Michelle! Thanks for the comment. No go out and get that Flip camera (I prefer the original Flip and not the HD) and start making some videos! Don't forget to put your logo on the camera. And hey, let me know when you've uploaded any videos; I'd love to see them!

  Lisa Trosien
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Lisa, can you clarify something? Maybe I'm dense, but what does this mean: One bedrooms can be "Crabby Little Old Lady (or Man)". Spilt two bedroom floorplans can be "Frenemies" and one bedroom/den plans can be "Workaholic".

Are these scenarios that the actors would act out?

  Chuck Mallory
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Chuck, that is SO not a dumb question! Yes, those would be the themes that the actors would be portraying. So sorry I wasn't more clear!

  Lisa Trosien

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