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Maximizing Internal Communication in a Company

Maximizing Internal Communication in a Company

Property management companies depend on many things for success. For starters, they have to have strong marketing campaigns to attract the right prospects to their communities. And they need well-trained, high-performing onsite staffs to keep current residents satisfied and eager to renew their leases when the time comes.

While sometimes an afterthought, strong internal communication is also fundamental to the success of a community and a property management company. When leadership takes the time to keep employees in the know, team members feel respected and appreciated, and that can help foster loyalty. And when employees can easily communicate with each other, that fosters the healthy exchange of ideas.

Here are some different tools you can implement within your company to help optimize internal communication: 

Internal e-newsletters
Companies use internal e-newsletters to bolster their communication with employees. Newsletters are highly effective ways to celebrate recent successes and to communicate long-term corporate strategies as well as a company's quarterly and annual goals. They can also provide employees with valuable information about new technology and new system rollouts, wellness programs, HR benefits, company events and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, e-newsletters serve as a great platform to highlight the successes of employees throughout the company. These types of shout-outs can really boost employee morale and show that good work doesn't go unnoticed. 

Chat software
Installing company-wide chat software has been a big trend across many industries as tech-savvy millennials have grown into such a sizable segment of the workforce. Team messaging apps like Slack, Yammer and HipChat make it easier than ever for team members in different locations to efficiently and effectively communicate. Apps like these can really help with project and time management by creating a forum for employees to instantly exchange ideas and share other relevant information. 

A private network accessible only to employees is an excellent way to share critical information and resources. Intranets can provide ideal platforms for housing employee training information, memos, staff news and company announcements. 

Companies should definitely consider videos for their internal communication toolbox. They are an extremely effective way to provide training and also to discuss important company news and announcements. Sometimes, video just grabs and holds employees' attention in a way that audio conference calls and e-newsletters just don't. Intranets are a great place to store videos.

Mobile Apps
Considering how much time people spend on their mobile devices these days, and how truly central they've become to our lives, companies can significantly enhance communication with team members by developing mobile apps for their employees. These apps can give team members immediate access to company announcements, workflow tools and allow them to instantly communicate with each other.

In today's hectic multifamily marketplace, we can spend so much time planning to reach out to prospects and current residents that we forget to emphasize internal communication. Communicating effectively with prospects and residents is absolutely critical, of course, but so is connecting with your fellow team members. By following the suggestions outlined above, your company can create a culture of healthy internal communication. 

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