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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Around 15 years ago I had a “moment”. I was watching Jerry Maguire and the movie completely change my life when our main character was sitting with his lap top late one night scribing up his famous “Mission Statement”. In his statement it was about more attention to good clients and about being honorable for those that you represent and work for. I took it very seriously and began working on my own Mission Statement that focused on representing the best firms and best talent in real estate development, construction and architecture. Now this didn’t mean just talent or prestige. It meant everything from attitude, communication, intelligence, respect……the proverbial QUON.

The other day we heard through the grapevine that a particular recruiter in our industry, the kind that gives recruiting a bad name, was taking credit for a high-level placement that our firm filled. We will leave the name out but, will say for our national clients that this particular person is located in Southern California so don’t worry.  I didn’t find it overly shocking but, it did make me sad for my industry that these people exist.

Jerry McGuire was enduring a cesspool of dog-eat-dog breed of agents much as good recruiters have to endure these low-breed used car sales people that find their way into our business.

For those of you that find yourself in close quarters with an individual that’s willing at any moment to take credit for the work of others my advice is to ignore them and rise above. Go back to your Mission Statement and focus on your work.  People will know what you stand for if you get up every day and fight the good fights... that’s all that matters. These other individuals reveal themselves in the end and typically implode; and they will never have the QUON.

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