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Money On The Table, Let's Not Leave It There! Part One


Too often companies and properties run on status quo, leaving money on the table from inefficiencies and outdated processes. It is time to take a look - time is money. Simple analysis and modification can improve your bottom line as well as team morale. Whether tightening systems and processes or focusing on the "not often" looked at tasks we do daily - we can find money that was left on the table. From years of leading teams, I know that there is money to find. Now let's find it.www.mariapietroforte.com


This series will look at various opportunities to improve your bottom line. Part One evaluates productivity and efficiency. Learn tips that you can put in place immediately.



This is part one of a three part series.  


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Introduction Automation is a term that has been thrown around a lot lately in multifamily (a lot of times by yours truly: See exhibit A).  Furthermore, I have pushed the idea of a 'Humans + Machines' workforce where humans and machines work together to create new workflows, but that is just the beginning. Adding a digital workforce to work alongside your team is the basis for a virtuous cycle of success. From increased NOI to attracting more owners to managing more properties, the digi...
One of the really great parts of my job is traveling around the country meeting with multifamily operators (executives & technicians alike) and having discussions about their successes & challenges with maintenance operations. Needless to say, I'm not traveling any longer, but the week before the NBA suspended play and the NCAA conference tournaments were shut down, I was on one of these trips in New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania. At that time, there were already several confirm...
When you're a third-party manager of an apartment community, you have two groups of customers: the owner of the property and the residents. At first glance, it may seem as though balancing the needs of these two groups would be difficult.  After all, their objectives are quite different: the owner wants to see consistent revenue growth, reduced expenses and year-over-year NOI growth, while the residents want a place that fits their lifestyle needs and truly feels like a home. They couldn't ...