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NOI Value Creation

Let’s face it, your NOI was tremendously impacted over the past few years. And right now in 2013 you have a unique opportunity for income growth.  Engaging performance methodologies wisely - will pay you richly. 

Enhancing your manager’s skills has a direct correlation to the bottom-line financial performance they deliver to you.   Let me give you undeniable, bottom-line proof.  There’s hard data that skill development really does determine your NOI!  

The Facts: 

An Indiana property management company with a focus on employee development from 1999-2007 (over a 9 year period) was able to realize noteworthy results throughout their 16,000 unit portfolio. 

The results were quantifiable and impressive with a: 

• 20% decrease in resident turnover 

• 44% decrease in employee turnover

• 21% increase in leasing consultant’s closing ratios

• 41% decrease in lease cancellations   

In 2007 specifically, they were able to compare and document the difference of about $400 per unit NOI …on two identical assets.  Yes… $400 per unit.  At a conservative 7% cap rate that’s a difference of $1.5 million in value! 

Are you curious to know what the difference was?  One manager had additional performance and professional development.  She had her CAM…  Certified Apartment Manager designation. 

Now we are talking about proof of performance through increased profitability.  All by increasing the skill levels of team members.  By developing the skills in your team....you really are developing your profitable results.  

A CAM designation is one powerful way to grow your NOI.  There are other new performance methodology programs readily available, too. Let’s talk and explore your options in making 2014 the most profitable NOI year possible. Let’s increase the certainty of your team’s performance to deliver. 

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Are you seeing employers covering the cost of the CAM program or are applicants covering the costs?

  Scott Mastley

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