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All Things Property Management

All Things Property Management is a one-stop destination for folks interested in learning more about managing real estate. Broken down into a variety of targeted columns, the information that you are looking for is easily accessible — from investing tips and best practices in The Intelligent Investor to the real-life dilemmas of property managers in Stories from the Front Lines. We’ve brought on contributing writers from across the country to share their respective expertise with you, whether you’re a landlord, a professional property manager, or an association board member. Your feedback, participation, and comments will help us deliver the information you need most.

Property Management Blogs

Industry-related blogs are a great way to pick up expert tips, tricks, and insider knowledge quickly and for free. But, of course, there are a lot of blogs out there. Since you only have so much time in the day to surf the web, here’s a quick run-down of five property management-related blogs you should be reading.

Marketing and More
Property management veteran Mike Brewer, who runs the M Brewer Group blog, is one of the most seasoned and consistent bloggers in the industry. While his blog focuses in large part on marketing, you’ll also find various additional industry topics included as well. Brewer has his fingers on the pulse of current industry conversations, so this blog is a great place to stop by to get a quick gauge of what’s currently being discussed by industry professionals.

Cyber Consultant
With Behind the Leasing Desk, Seattle-based property management consultant Heather Blume provides readers with musings on the industry and insights on how to up your property management game.  On her blog, Heather writes about everything from staff-related training class excerpts to tips for greening up your property. With quick, snappy reads, this blog is a great place to pick up a mish-mash of ideas to help you better your own business, including everything from tenant retention to customer service.

Property Renovations
Though Brownstoner.com’s Renovation Blog is Brooklyn-based, property managers from everywhere can learn a lot from the site’s home renovation section. If you’re the type that likes to take on projects—or if you’re looking for renovation ideas for your own or a client’s property—this blog is a great source of inspiration and information. Not only is the writing on this blog fun, but it also includes lots of images to provide property managers with a glimpse into tips and tricks others are using to transform fixer-uppers into highly desirable properties.

Mortgage Insights
If you’re looking to invest in a new property, you should be in the loop with the mortgage environment and current factors to consider. Real estate site Zillow.com has compiled a team of experts to contribute to one blog. Here you’ll find frequent updates on all topics mortgage-related, like interest rates, insurance premiums, and topical legislative issues. Boiled down to bite-size pieces, this blog is a great way to educate yourself quickly.

Video Blogging
Mark Juleen.com (formerly housed under TheApartmentNerd.com) has an up-to-the-minute take on all things property management, both in terms of his message and his delivery.  Primarily delivered as vlogs (video blogs), Juleen has a propensity for filming his broadcasts while driving (not to worry, folks, it’s hands-free). Juleen covers a wide variety of topics including everything from a tenant’s right to smoke in your units to remodeling. Most of all, he emphasizes modern marketing tactics, such as email marketing and leveraging social networking.

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know about your favorite blogs—even better if you run a blog yourself!

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