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Property Manager-The Jack of All Trades

Property Management can be overwhelming and exhausting at times, as we are expected to be the "Jack of All Trades". Creating proper priorities and surrounding yourself with a supportive team is a great start to a rewarding career!

Property Manager-The Jack of All Trades

As Property Managers, we are indeed the "Jack of All Trades". One day we are financial analysts, the next day we are marketers, the following day we may be scrubbing a toilet or planning the next resident event. It's a great industry for someone who doesn't like the monotony of a day-to-day desk job, but it can certainly be exhausting switching hats all day long. Some days I feel that I am more of a counselor to hurting residents, and some days I feel like more of a quality inspector. Starting the day with an open mind and an attitude ready to serve is really the most effective way to succeed in this industry. Daily plans and tasks seem to change by the minute as emergencies arise and there is a new fire to put out (whether literally or figuratively). Competition can be fierce, so the industry isn't for the weak or lazy. In fact, a successful property manager must be left brained enough to be thorough and analytical, but right brained enough to be creative and think outside the proverbial box. Providing high quality customer service in the midst of the chaos of the day can certainly be challenging. The best solution is to be surrounded with a team of loyal employees to help with the big picture. It does take "big picture thinking" to be able to function effectively while taking into consideration all the aspects of property management. I once had a resident tell me that I ran a property as smoothly as a swiss watch. That kind of compliment really helped me get through the day as I knew I would be scheduling an eviction set out for a family and terminating an employee, all while scheduling to remediate a flooded unit.  Approach your day ready to switch hats at any given moment. The idea of property management is more about serving your community one resident at a time, with whatever hat you feel is most fitting. Surround yourself with a supportive crew, handle the priorities, and remember tomorrow is new day!

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