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Building a Digital Twin of My Home

I am building a Digital Twin of my home and thought why not have a property management company build Digital Twins of apartment homes and charge higher rents, reduce maintenance costs and be even more eco-friendly than they are today.

Here's the basics:
I designed a 3-rendering of my home with AI/machine learning built into my holistic dashboard interface. My digital twin home senses where I am in the home and using motion sensors, room lights turn on and off at night.

It tracks energy usage. Controls my thermostat to manage heating and cooling. If I leave an appliance on (oven) by mistake, my digital twin home senses the oven being on and sends me an alert.

I get real-time data from my appliances/HVAC system, it analyzes the data and it takes proactive actions, predicts issues along with solutions.  I have a self-learning home.

If you have a LG Thin Q washer and dryer, that's a good example how two appliances are inter-connected and using dumb AI, the appliances machine learn what's my average wash load and dry times to save water and electricity. Now multiply that to an interconnected HVAC system, oven, fridge, water heater, etc...holistic system. 


Virtual 3D models
Modeling and simulation of processes
Asset management
Performance analysis
Prescriptive maintenance
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Virtual Reality
Data capturing and management


Increased energy efficiency and home performance
Prolonged appliance and system lifespans
If used in apartment sales/marketing, interactive 3D tours
Performance data for leasing/releasing
Maintenance data and records for leasing/releasing
Virtual caregiving for remote family members
Self-learning home for optimal usage


You can sign up for a free account with Matterport (I have zero connections with them) and you can start with the basics of building a digital twin.

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This is very interesting, Steve.

  Stephanie Oehler
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Wow, this is blowing my mind!

  Lilah Poltz

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