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Putting A Name With The Face, Team Recognition

All too often, the preparation teams at our properties aren’t recognized for their efforts to clean the common areas, care for the grounds and prepare apartment homes for new residents.  Team recognition to colleagues, prospects or vendors can be as valuable to employee retention as wage adjustments.

Housekeeping and Maintenance teams are the backbone of every Property Management staff.  Emphasizing and recognizing the efforts of staff through out the community creates ownership.

The Hospitality Model

The hospitality industry incorporates this recognition with comment cards  left in guest rooms and signed by the housekeeper.  For apartment communities a welcome letter signed by maintenance, housekeepers and any contractors who participated in the turnover preparation of the apartment home can initiate this recognition.

Included in the Welcome Move In Package should be a Team Introduction Letter.  The letter including pictures of the entire team must be revised with any staff changes.  With pictures of the team listing names, years of service and a tip or quote offers a personalized note.

Posting a photo card in each hallway with the tag line, “This hallway is professionally cleaned for you by ….”  Offers another opportunity to recognize the housekeeping crew.

Knowing Who To Expect

I recently experienced the inconvenience of having my luggage delayed on a flight.  When my luggage was located, I received an email telling me the plans to deliver my luggage with photos of the delivery person and the vehicle.  Wouldn’t this be an awesome customer service tool when residents request after hours service!

RecognitionIncluding a column or post in the community newsletter from the housekeeping, grounds or maintenance team is another opportunity to recognize the team.  Tips for maintenance repairs or why they chose to work at our property could be subject ideas.

Housekeeping, grounds and maintenance performance are the key contributors in the lease renewal decision.  Building on this relationship throughout the time a resident occupys an apartment home strengtens the bonds between a resident and the staff.

What can you do today to recognize members of your team?

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  • I love this! For the introduction letter with their pictures, I think it would be neat if it said what they did to get the apartment ready for the resident, and they could actually each sign that page once they finished their portion. That way, it would be a nice introduction to the residents, but it would also be an accountability benefit where their picture is next to the statement talking about how they took care of these things in the apartment for move-in.